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The Twisted Thread by Charlotte Bacon
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Aug 06, 2011

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this book is fine. it is another one of those secret history knockoffs i can't seem to get enough of, even though they are usually underwhelming.

this is a multi-perspective novel, where a bunch of characters are allowed to discover different elements of the background story of a young rich girl found murrrrrderrrrred in her boarding-school dorm room, where she has recently given birth to a secret baby. but where is the baby?? who's its daddy? how did she die? what dark secrets does this school have in its past?? why are there so many storylines? does every book need at least two love triangles? why does carol goodman blurb every book that claims to be like secret history? why do i keep reading these??

it's fine; it's just not a home run. it may have been better to pare down the scope of the novel somewhat; some of the plot-flaps seem irrelevant, and some characters do not get enough development because the POV keeps shifting. and then some of the characters seem to have been written just to tangentially introduce other characters - it gets a bit sloppy. i'm not sure if the secondary storylines were supposed to be distractions from the main plot, or red herrings, or what, but at least of them seem totally inconsequential. i say "why"?

but it was a good train-ride book - it was much better than watching yonkers zip by at night. people who like learning dirty little secrets of the rich and idle will probably diggit, and it is a fine mystery; i just think there were some glitches in its transmission. but people who are as sleepy as i am right now shouldn't write book reports.
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message 1: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia I sure wish my last name was BACON. Yum.

message 2: by Jessica (new)

Jessica I am wondering if this is the same Charlotte Bacon I went to high school with (yes, it was a boarding school...tho I was a day student).

karen probably, then! she has another book that interests me:

Split Estate: A Novel

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica hmmm...I don't think it is (not that it's a common name). I looked at her profile, and she was born in '65...which is 7 years after me, so I think not--

message 5: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea what do you think the most important word is in the book?

karen murrrrderrr??

message 7: by Amber (new) - added it

Amber I wasnt sure if this book would be a dud or not - picked it up at some ridiculously cheap publisher festival sale. But if THE Karen gave it three stars, I'm sure I will find it most enjoyable :D

karen it's fine - not perfect, but enjoyable

karen oh - hahaha - that's what i said in my review. derrrr

message 10: by Erica (new)

Erica I'm cataloging this today and came here to see if this was YA because it looks like it could be and I can't tell from the synopsis and lo' and behold: You're the first review on my page! So yay!

karen it's not! there, i did your work for you. now you can kick back and relax.

message 12: by Erica (new)

Erica Thank you. I think I'll go have myself a margarita.
No, wait. I have no lime or tequila.
Out of wine...vodka's gone. Good lord, where is all my alcohol?? Why do I only have milk and lemonade in my refrigerator? WTF?
So...I guess I take the lemonade out, put it under the sink, and wait for it to ferment. Or I go to the liquor store tomorrow.
And kick back and relax.

karen maybe spin around really fast and then chug the lemonade. see what happens.

message 14: by Erica (new)

Erica That sounds like a fun idea! I have a bananas foster truffle left, too (the ONLY one!) so I should eat that first and then drink the lemonade and then spin because...yes. This is how I spend my nights.
I am four years old!

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