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Shadows Cast By Stars by Catherine Knutsson
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Aug 06, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: cover-swoon, dark-fantasy, fairytale, post-apocalyptic
Read on July 02, 2012


random notes
it's got bits and pieces of different books thrown in like ...

* a soul/totem which manifests itself in an animal form(the golden compass),
* on a mission to find the lost (twin) brother (blood red road) and
* a dark tinge not unlike that of the dark angel trilogy (view spoiler)
* various myths,
* aborigines culture and
* the magical feel (including the relationship between humans between animals and nature) of miyazaki films woven into it (particularly princess mononoke, imo)
* and all of that in a post-apocalyptic setting, talk about random. it definitely sets itself apart from other ya-books, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. still, the gorgeous cover begs you to pick up the book and take a peek
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Reading Progress

07/02 "This is how I pass my time when the night falls and we’re left in the dark, because I don’t need to see to work with my hands. I need only to feel."
07/02 ""(..)trust me—things are going to be good here. You’ll see."

I want to believe him. I want to believe him with all my heart. But good things don’t happen to people like us, and so my heart just hurts instead."
07/02 "Ravens, always ravens. They follow me everywhere, laughing at the girl who has no shade, no spirit animal, taunting me, whispering that if I follow, they can show me where my soul is hidden."
07/02 "Here? We are not just starting over. We are starting from scratch.

I set the mop down again and stare at my hands, where blisters are already rising. Is this what this place holds for me? Am I all that I’ll ever be?"
07/02 "It’s one thing to see something irrational, but to actually articulate it? Just the thought makes me feel stupid."
07/02 "This is a test.I’m acutely aware of that& if I pass, Grace will permit me to spend time with her son.Fail &I will be deemed unfit.Am I worthy stock?Are my cheekbones arched high enough?Is my hair the right color?My breasts supple enough to feed the hungry sons I will bear,sons destined to become warriors for the Band?Her answer to those questions?I may never know.But I care.I shouldn’t, but I do. :0 errr. :/"
07/02 ""Why didn’t you leave?”

“I don’t know. I thought it would be rude, I guess.”

“Rude? What Grace did was rude, Cass. You getting up and leaving is you taking care of yourself, and if you’re going to be my apprentice, if you’re going to be a healer, you have to learn that taking someone else’s crap because you’re afraid of hurting their feelings isn’t just wrong— it’s dangerous.”"
07/02 "“I want you to stay, but only if we’re equals. Not if you think I need your protection, that I’m your responsibility all the time.”"
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