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Not Otherwise Specified by Hannah Moskowitz
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HOLY fuck. i mean, props for a black bisexual protagonist, that's iconic. but the lesbophobia in this book was so.....what the fuck. you mean to tell me every lesbian in the school is in a clique called the "Dykes" who would basically subject their former friend to psychological torture for dating a man?

are you fucking kidding me? fuck you.
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message 1: by Lily (new)

Lily I just saw this screenshot on tumblr and holy shit the homophobia and general hatred of lesbians in this book is fucking disgusting.

Catapults i don't know how to make you understand this since you missed the whole point of this book but the fact that the biphobia is called out doesn't make the book lesbophobic. yes, there is a group calling themselves Dykes, and yes they are biphobic as in hating and bullying their bisexual friend because she's dating a guy. how does this make the book lesbophobic? calling out biphobia doesn't make you lesbophobic. being biphobic (whether you're a lesbian or not) just makes you a horrible human being. lesbians and gays aren't the exception to the rule. there are lesbians who are terfs. there are lesbians in real life who are biphobic and racist and ableist. should they not exist in fiction? or should all the biphobic people be portraited as straight and everyone in the lgbt community as happily coexisting when this isn't always the case?

message 3: by Isa (new) - rated it 1 star

Isa @Catapults you can show biphobic lesbians without making LITERALLY EVERY LESBIAN IN THE BOOK part of a clique referred to by a slur that partakes in constant bullying of the protagonist. and lbr biphobia is truly unlikely to happen on a level this severe when perpetuated by lesbians in your average high school -- you mean to tell me that they're catching no social flack for this? a huge group of gay women obviously piling on a girl for liking men are facing NO repercussions, either through other students pushing them around or administration jumping on them? ok.....sounds like lesbophobia. you can demonstrate a character's friends being nasty to her without falling directly into the extreme stereotype that lesbians are all evil and will ruin women's lives as revenge for sleeping with men

Catapults i don't believe "dyke" is a slur if it's used by lesbians themselves, the same as the word "queer" which the lgbt community has reclaimed.
as for the social repercussions, i don't think the administration is that involved in the life of the students. you see so many cases of bullying. is every single one of them prevented by a well-meaning teacher or staff member? and i imagine in this case the other students themselves wouldn't want to get involved, the group would be seen as something foreign and "other" because they themselves had distanced themselves from everyone else at the school. most of the books i read are lgbt and i have never encountered an "evil lesbian" character. however i am familiar with the stereotype you mentioned and it is a stereotype used by straight women who feel attacked if a lesbian (or any wlw really) dares to (rightfully) criticise the straight woman's boyfriend. this is not the case here. within the community there are many occurrences where a lesbian will shun or be outright nasty to a bi woman for any number of absurd reasons concerning her sexuality. this has never before appeared in a book (at least in none i have ever read) and i believe it was an important, if not that common, phenomenon to show. i will admit that it was a bit over the top (though if you read it till the end you would see things change in the process of the book), but i like to imagine that if a bi girl who might have experienced aggression or microagressions from her lesbian friend reads this book, she will realise that she should not stand for it, that being treated like this is not normal. (i apologise is some of my sentences are difficult to understand. english is not my first language.)

message 5: by Doreen (new)

Doreen Yes, this book sounds totally lesbophobic. Trans, bi and queer books often support the caricature of the evil intolerant lesbian or feminist. (I don't know about gayfic so can't say if lesbophobia is an issue.) It perpetuates the lie that lesbians are man haters and transfer it using guilt by association to other women. Straight, bi, trans or queer women are more likely to hate men because they're involved with them as partners. Lesbians can feel anything from an indifference to men or love them like crazy depending on their actual relationships. The whole f-ing TERF thing is a straw man argument. Trans exclusionary, my ass. More like LMTS (lesbophobic misogynistic trans supremacy) hate speech. The finger pointing and name calling needs to stop. No lesbian cares if any woman chooses male lovers or chooses a medical remedy to address collective socio-political issues. People who popularize antifeminist or anti-lesbian stereotypes need to deal with their lesbophobia and misogyny.

Silveda Thanks Catapults.

message 7: by A (new) - rated it 4 stars

A Wow, lesbophobia in ~kweer~ discourse was...super bad in 2015, wasn’t it? And especially in this book, which I gotta say I don’t remember all that well. Doreen, there’s no need to pin all the blame for lesbophobia on bi and trans people, and TERFs are most certainly not a “straw man” - they are unfortunately very real, and had a lot of crossover with neo-Nazis from what I saw of them on Tumblr a year or so ago - but Isa is right about this book being politically callous and stupid.

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