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A Little Folly by Jude Morgan
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I loved the other two books by Jude Morgan. Unfortunately, this one fell off for me about half way through. Not sure what was missing or if I just wasn't in the mood. There were some funny observations and situations, but I didn't get much involved with the characters, as I remember doing with An Accomplished Woman and Indiscretion.

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“Miss Rose in this demonstrating the peculiar talent of those who proclaim their absence of self-esteem for getting a lot of attention by pretending they never get any”
Jude Morgan, A Little Folly

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0.24% "Sir Clement Carnell's ruling passion, until the very last moment of his life, was his passion for ruling. In other times and circumstances he might have made a fine king of the absolute and despotic sort, bringing troublesome provinces to order, crushing rebels under his chariot wheels, and inscribing on a giant column his exact and fearsome laws. Being, however, only a country gentleman of Devonshire, he had to..."
March 20, 2017 –
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0.24% "...make do with tyrannising his wife and children."
March 21, 2017 –
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5.77% "He seemed to have assessed her as a well-bred young woman who would be a thoroughly suitable match, whose fifteen thousand pounds would make a comfortable addition to a comfortable income...There had indeed been, shortly before her father's death, strong hints from Mr Lynley that he was ready to declare himself--or, rather, to enter into possession, like a man foreclosing on a mortgage."
March 21, 2017 –
page 37
8.89% "But Miss Rose's determination to be ignored and slighted was not yet satisfied; and there must be a good deal more fuss about her taking a glass of wine, and her insisting that she did not expect such a privilege, before the matter was done, Miss Rose in this demonstrating the peculiar talent of those who proclaim their absence of self-esteem for getting a lot of attention by pretending they never get any."
March 21, 2017 –
page 51
12.26% "Poor Kate! was Louisa's thought. If she still entertained hopes, this must end them. To excite in a man a state of violent loathing was, as any novel-reader knew, to stand in a fair light of winning him at last; but no woman could ever recover from the humiliation of being respected."
March 23, 2017 –
page 89
21.39% "...they rode every morning; before and after dinner they often talked together for minutes at a time; and each referred to the other as an excellent fellow. Even Louisa's limited experience recognized in this the ultimate expression of masculine sentiment; and when Tom began to teach Valentine the newest and most fashionable methods of tying the cravat, their friendship was plainly placed on unshakeable foundations."
March 25, 2017 –
page 157
37.74% "'Demi-reps, my dear. Cyprians. Votaries of Venus. The muslin sisterhood.' 'Oh,' said Louisa, in an impressed tone. 'I thought they were just prostitutes.'"
March 26, 2017 –
page 174
41.83% "Marmoreal: like marble. That's good bc I thought "marmoreal face" meant the character had a face like a marmot!"
March 26, 2017 –
page 193
46.39% "But love in a cottage is, I am reliably informed, not a prescription for happiness."
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