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The Hot Shot by Kristen Callihan
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Click. Click. Click. Snap.Snap. Snap. Do you hear the sounds of the camera clicking and snapping away as we await to see the final picture as it develops? Well, no need to wait because I am here to tell you that Kristen Callihan has captured and developed one of most breathtakingly honest and raw love story in The Hot Shot.

 photo dd265ee39a2e31a7e7556b3adb3fe1_zpsvk5pg0nq.gif One day, Chess, you’re going to feel safe enough to let go. And I’m going to be there to catch you when you fall.”

There are no right words to describe this book. The Hot Shot is one of those reads that sucks you in immediately. I found myself getting consumed with Callihan’s sharp, raw, and vivid prose. The writing itself was absolutely stunning. Each emotion was captured perfectly. Facets of vulnerability, truth and love were being poured onto a literary masterpiece. They say a picture can capture a thousand words. And let me tell you, Callihan did just that and more as the essence of love and friendship spoke volumes in this book.


One meeting was all it took for Chess and Finn to feel the spark. That tingle in your spine that you know that this person has an affect on you. Chess is a professional photographer and so when she is hired to photograph Finn and his teammates for a charity photo, it entails Finn and his football team to get naked. Yes, a naked photo shoot. Typically, staring at hot men and their junk should be no problem as Chess is a total professional but when it came to photographing Finn, it was different. As much as Chess tried to act cool about it, she couldn’t help but feel something.

 photo dd265ee39a2e31a7e7556b3adb3fe1_zpsvk5pg0nq.gifAnd when I kiss Finn, I know I won’t stop there. When I kiss him, I want to consume him.”

Fast forward to a few banters between Chess and Finn, they soon find themselves easily forming a friendship. This friendship was indescribable because the bond they formed was natural, raw, and intense. For so long, Chess has been looking into the lens and capturing the lives and moments of strangers. But what happens when she finds herself as the subject. The subject of Finn’s heart.

As Finn got to see the many layers and sides to Chess, he knew instantly she was the one. The one person who would make him complete. The game changer. Yes, my fellow romance bookworm addicts, Finn is the one that you will swoon head over heels for. Hearts will be exploding as his love for Chess Copper will be felt throughout the pages.


I honestly don’t want to say anymore about their relationship and connection because the very essence and joy about this book is feeling and embracing Finn’s love for Chess. Love is an easy word to spell. Four simple letters. But the definition of love is something that can’t be easily explained. But what I can tell you is that Finn’s definition of love is what every romance author and readers defines as LOVE. It’s about focusing on the good times. Capturing every moment. Developing from the negatives. And finding the right subject or in this case the right person to love. And for Chess and Finn, their love for each other just clicks.

 photo dd265ee39a2e31a7e7556b3adb3fe1_zpsvk5pg0nq.gif I did not know what true joy was until Finn. Every emotion I’m capable of having amps up with him. I feel. I live. I breathe. The world is more real when he is there.”

I will say this again. Kristen Callihan is an amazing author. Her stories are unique, fresh, and palpable. As always, her stories have this magical way of making your heart melt as every facets of emotions are captured in this one book. From humor to passion, Chess and Finn’s relationship came full circle. Their picture or in this case their story developed into one beautiful, heartfelt, tangible story of real intense love of completion. So if you are looking for a book with all the FEELS, then I highly recommend you to read this book. Prepare to fall madly in love with Finn because I know he has definitely captured my heart with his devotion for Chess.

 photo MICHELLE1_zps3515xymk.jpg Kristen Callihan

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