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First Daughter by Eric Van Lustbader
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Aug 04, 2011

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I'd prefer to give this book 3.5 stars, but because I don't think it deserves 4, I'm forced to bump it down to 3.

Part of the reason for that was, although it's a fairly good novel, it seemed to flounder at times. I really appreciated the author's description of the main character's dyslexia (my son is dyslexic); he did a good job of demonstrating what goes on in the mind of someone like that. But it often felt like the author was preaching at us about religion and politics ... and the thinly veiled jabs at Bush (a president by another name in the book) were annoying - mainly due to over-simplification of the issues at hand during his term.

Another problem is that the reader doesn't fully get to know the 'bad guy' well enough to understand what made him tick. The glimpses we get of him are often indirectly, via flashbacks through the main character's memories - never really directly. And the few times that we're in contact with the bad guy directly isn't enough to get a good feel for the inner workings of his mind ... except that he just seems to fit the tired 'maniac bad guy' mold. And about those flashbacks - I don't like how they were used in this book ... they often seemed to just be thrown in clumsily.

I listened to the audiobook version and the narrator was overly-dramatic and it didn't work well; this could have had something to do with my inability to give the book 4 stars.

I understand First Daughter is book #1 in a series; hopefully the author ironed out the kinks in his writing the second time around.

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