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White Heat by Cherry Adair
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Aug 04, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** Max - yeah... the typical special forces T-FLAC man - had an indifferent, self-centered cheating father who left them when he was 10, has sworn off long term relationships - they don't fit into his lifestyle... Emily - unknown father, a ex-model, needy, once beautiful addict mother - at age of 11, whe meets Daniel (Max's father) - an artist, and she manages to get him and her mother agree to take her on as an apprentice, and he paid for her to live in a boarding school in Italy and art schools... she excells at restoration and reproduction paintings - and has painted Daniel's commisions in this area for him as he is suffering - for the past 10 years...

Emily and Max met a year ago when Max used his father's name for entrance to an artsy party in Italy - and they had a week of great sex (after Max completed his mission of course)... and then Max didn't show up at a restaurant and Emily didn't hear from him again... a year later, Emily starts leaving messages for Max when his father died - he didn't get it until 3 weeks later, when a mission is completed... and he changes courses on the jet, an shows up at her palazzo at 3 am... she doesn't awaken when he knocks - he climbs up to her balcony window - she's not in her room... she starts through the house, where she hits him over the head with a pan and knees him in the groin before she realizes its him... she had just knocked out an intruder... she calls in a cleanup team - and then a hazmet team when they find an empty vial in her room...

so Emily and Max become tied at the hip, until their health is ruled ok, until she is no longer in danger - and Emily knows max can't give her his heart - and fights her attraction to him, trying to keep her new boyfriend uppermost in mind...they go to Daniel's palazzo - and hunt through his things - Max knowing his father's (sperm donor) death was murder, not suicide.... they find a sketch of Emily (the only one he had ever done) but on regular paper, in ink, and with nonsensical letters printed around it -

Emily leaves Max (with Max thinking he is going to deliver her home) and goes to her boyfriend's house, and he and his family are all dead - killed in their kitchen... Max & team are right there and save her from the attacker still in the house ... she's obviously still under attack... on the way to the private plane, they are stopped by 6 poliz vans - but not the police... they manage to get out of it, with minor injuries - on the plane, Emily asks him to have sex with her, to help her forget... they other painter/restorers are being found dead - apparently of heart attacks, but they find an empty vial also in their studios... her initial attacker carries a rose tattoo... the terrorist called the Rose...

and there are mosques & temples being blown up... by the rose - with bombs set in paintings donated by 80 year old tillman - after Emily and Daniel had painted reproductions for him to keep in his own collection... except he placed the copies with the various religious places and kept the originals... and it wasn't actually Tillman, but his assistant - who was running his empire, using his money, to fund his own terrorist / illegal gun sales etc for 20 years - he was working with Savage - a TFLAC agent gone rogue - they knew she was a leader of a cell in theRose, and were watching her with the expectation she would lead them to others... and he is after anyone familiar with the copies of the paintings - and again almost kills Emily with his poison spider delivered in a vial he placed in her purse when she and Max tried to visit Tillman... and then after she recovered (she was in the facility when bitten, and the immediate medical care saved her)...

and then the assistant and Savage arrange for Emily's kidnapping from the facility, under the eye of TFLAC, though not with Max's knowledge - he has left again on a mission, with the intention of breaking off from her - expecially after feeling so helpless when she was poisoned. And the assistant takes her to Rome (where Max is because that is where they expect the next bomb) - to a room under the Vatican, and ties her to a bomb - hits her a few times - puts a camera on her... which broadcasts 30 minutes before the bomb is to explode unless he gets a billion dollars... on camera, she tells Max she loves him - tells him (and all) about what the assistant was doing... Max and bomb expert get to her... assitant's assistant comes in to shoot them - they kill her, the detonator is in her pocket - the timer has 5 seconds left.. Max hits the off button...

a month later, Emilyis resigned that Max is gone for good - she's moving on... comes home from a party - a Max is there - and after beating a bit around the bush and Emily trying to be passive and controlled finally admits he can't live without her... ahhhhh

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