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Nevermore by Kelly Creagh
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Aug 03, 2011

it was ok

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Before I say anything negative about this book, I just don't think it was my cup of tea. I love supernatural and paranormal stories, but this was something different altogether. It held paranormal characteristics, but was overly dark and angsty. So others may love this book while it just wasn't mean't for me. I would rate this at 2.5 stars. Suprisingly, this book did not leave me with too many thoughts to discuss. I am kind of indifferent to it. It wasn't a horrible book, but it isn't on my "to be recommended" list.

I felt like I never fully "got" what was even happening throughout the book. I was constantly confused, just waiting for an epiphany so everything would click. It never clicked. I didn't feel like the love story was ever developed. It was constantly switching from cold to luke warm. It never got to "hot". Just out of the blue for no apparent reason, Isobel decides she loves Varen more than life itself and will sacrifice everything for him. I just didn't feel it was justified. Isobel might have been in denial about the depth of the attraction to Varen, but love? Maybe. Maybe not. And Varen never really did anything to make me fall head over heels for him. I definitely did not have a literary crush on him. He was just constantly cold to her.

The book was just too full of questions that were never answered. Like I said, this book might be more aimed at someone who enjoys angst, dark themes, and mystery. End of rant.... :o)

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