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Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
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Aug 03, 2011

liked it

Julius Caesar was not my favorite Shakespeare by a long shot. It lacked the technical depth of something like Tempest, the wit of something like Midsummer Night's Dream, and the action of Titus Andronicus, but there were moments within Caesar that were fantastic. The "Cry Havoc" soliloquy was just as good as it is made out to be, absolutely.

There were times that I felt Shakespeare was relying on his audience's knowledge of the events to tell the story. The pillaging scene was a mess of confusion, for instance, and other key spots were thrown away without much explanation. That said, nothing really was taken away from the story.

Julius Caesar was probably the easiest Shakespeare that I have read yet. The language is the closest to a "modern" feel, and the concept is based on such an important historical event that it is learned about in middle school. However, Caesar is best when it is on stage. So much of the feeling is lost on page that a scholar's rendition will lose so much more than is gained.
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