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Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris
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really liked it
bookshelves: 2017-read, fantasy, paranormal
Recommended for: Fans of: adult paranormal, crime mysteries, vampires and the HBO show True Blood

"What does true madness care about discovery?"

The two main plots in Living Dead in Dallas are: A) The ruthless Maenad, Callisto, who comes to visit Bon Temps accompanied by her feral razorback pig companion, demanding tribute. B) A member of the Dallas vampire nest has been taken by an anti-vampire organization, The Fellowship of the Sun, with the help of a very old and very suicidal vampire, Godfrey (Godric).

This book begins with Sookie discovering a dead body in Sheriff Andy Bellefleur's vehicle, which was left in Merlotte's parking lot overnight (being too intoxicated to drive it home), when she shows up for work. She learns that the victim, her friend and Merlotte's fry cook, Lafayette, had recently attended an exclusive sex party, and feels that the other attendees may know what happened to him, or at the very least provide some clues.

Meanwhile, her vampire boyfriend, Bill Compton, informs Sookie that they have been summoned by Eric Northman. Before reaching Fangtasia to speak with the Vampire sheriff of Area 5, Louisiana, Sookie is attacked by Callisto to send a message to the vampires (talk about being the middleman, ouchh!). After being healed, Eric sends them both to Dallas to help their local vamp leader, Stan Davis, find out what happened to his missing 'brother' Farrell, who's been MIA for about a week, while Eric tries to solve Bon Temps little Maenad problem.

Sookie Stackhouse has been working on and strengthening her telepathic skills, which prove to be very useful and ultimately lifesaving. When she meets another telepath (Barry), she learns that she's able to send mental messages to others, instead of just receiving them.

Speaking of meeting another telepath, Sookie also meets other supernatural beings, such as other shapeshifters and werewolves who end up helping her out of a few life or death situations.

This book was much more humorous than Dead Until Dark . I laughed out loud quite a few times. I loved all the parts that included Eric (especially the one where he accompanies Sookie to the secret sex party).

My big problem with book two is that the murder of Lafayette and the Maenad situation felt... Underdeveloped? Those two mysteries fell flat for me. Another thing, Bill's character seems a bit boring , and his relationship with Sookie doesn't really excite me like it did in book 1.

I know in my review of book 1 I said I would try not to compare the books to the T.V. show, True Blood, but I just can't seem to help myself! Yes, the books did come first, but I watched and fell in love with the show first (I'm sorry!). I was sad that Lafayette was killed off so quickly and we didn't really get to *know* him better in Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries, because he is one of my most favorite characters in the show. Also, Steve and Sarah Newlin (the leaders of the Fellowship of the Sun) aren't written as in depth as they are portrayed in TB. :(
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Quotes Courtney Liked

Charlaine Harris
“Hey, our hair's the same color," I said, eying us side by side in the mirror.

"Sure is, girlfriend." Eric grinned at me.”
Charlaine Harris, Living Dead in Dallas

Charlaine Harris
“You trust me?" Eric sounded surprised.
"That's . . . crazy, Sookie.”
Charlaine Harris, Living Dead in Dallas

Charlaine Harris
“Sookie, my little bullet-sucker"
Eric, my big bullshitter”
Charlaine Harris, Living Dead in Dallas

Charlaine Harris
“You've reached Fantasia, where the undead live again every night," "For bar hours, press one. To make a party reservation, press two. To talk to alive person or a dead vampire, press three. Or, if you were intending to leave a humorous prank message on our answering machine, know this: we will find you.”
Charlaine Harris, Living Dead in Dallas

Charlaine Harris
“I looked up into Eric's eyes. Incredibly, he was excited. He smiled at me. "I knew I'd get on top of you somehow," he said.
"Are you trying to make me mad so I'll forget how scared I am?"
"No, I'm just opportunistic."
I wiggled, trying to get out from under him, and he said, "Oh, do that again. It felt great.”
Charlaine Harris, Living Dead in Dallas

Charlaine Harris
“So you want me to go to a human orgy, where I will not be welcome, and you want us to leave before I get to enjoy myself? ~Eric Northman”
Charlaine Harris, Living Dead in Dallas

Charlaine Harris
“You, on the other hand, are a sweet little éclair on the outside and a pit bull on the inside.”
Charlaine Harris, Living Dead in Dallas

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