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We Are Still Tornadoes by Michael Kun
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really liked it
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I had like zero expectations going into this book (hey I didn't even really know what it was about!) and I adored it! It's written in letter format, which I admit, I quite like. And it was funny and sad all at once. Like I had FEELINGS there. I don't get feelings??? What is this nonsense. And while there was a small leaky bucketful of things that annoyed me, I ultimately liked how real it felt.

And this two little DELUDED SQUISHES. Oh I shipped them so much. But I also liked how they did maintain quite a platonic relationship for most of the book.

L I K E S:
Letters!! Like one of my favourite ever books is The Perks of Being A Wallflower, and if anyone can squish emotion into letters then I AM ALL HERE FOR IT. Plus, it's just who I am as a person -- but I've always connected to people better myself in writing. So I love how Scott and Cath maintain and grew their friendship even long distance.
I REALLY liked Scott!! He was a dork and cute and funny and like didn't think much of himself but was secretly better than all of that. <3
• It was a kind of "what the heck do we do now that we've finished highschool" tale. Which is cool!! YA needs these kind of stories too! I mean, they're still 18 but facing adulting and college. Cath goes to college while Scott is an underachiever and ends up just in his dad's store. I really liked how it underlined that you can flunk highschool BUT STILL HAVE A GOOD LIFE. Scott's world doesn't end in the store. And it's nice and encouraging. <3
It was funny! I LOVE SASS. I LOVE WIT. I like the dorkiness of their banter.
Music...music is cool. Although it was all '80s music so I haven't got a clue what they were on about. I mean, I recognised the Beatles?? I've heard of the Stones?? Pls don't ask me anything else I WASN'T BORN IN THE 80S, I AM A CHILD AND THAT IS HISTORICAL FICTION. But I still like when people appreciate music because music is good stuff. And Scott had a dysfunctional band and ended up writing songs so YAY WRITING.
The character development was A+. Like how did it have so much awesome changes and emotion and everything in 300 pages of LETTERS?!? Wizardry.
DID I MENTION FEELS. Because woah. (view spoiler) I'm saaaaaad, but also it was so well written. THE WHOLE THING = VERY WELL WRITTEN.

D I S L I K E S:
• Erm, Cath was so sensitive it was kind of annoying. Actually I didn't like Cath much at all, tbh. She was like 50/50 split between laughing her head off at Scott's jokes or being so offended she wouldn't write him back. Because everything was about her. [insert small eye roll] LIKE EVEN I COULDN'T TELL WHERE HER LINE WAS. (But I am 2% good at understanding people, so.) That was always awkward.
• I also didn't like how Cath treated other girls. She was very snide about them and only seemed to have ONE friend girl whom she didn't roll her eyes at.
• I also don't understand American colleges. HAHAHAHAHA SORRY NOT SORRY. But what even, friends. Does everyone just eat pizza, drink beer, hook up, and freak out about exams?
• It was a little confusing at times. Like the letters would be all "pip pip cheerio my fine fellow!" and then suddenly it's all "I CAN'T TALK TO YOU AFTER WHAT HAPPENED THAT NIGHT" and we, the readers, have to frantically try to catch up. It makes sense why it was written that way. But still a bit disorientating.
I haven't the FLYING CLUE what "are you still a tornado!" line was all about??!?!??? Pls explain someone?? They kept saying it to each other "are you still a tornado!" and I'm like "nO. I'M A SMALL TROPICAL CYCLONE OF CONFUSION MATE." So. That was weird.

ALL IN ALL: I really quite enjoyed this one!! It's always super special to pick up a book you know nothing about and then discover you really like it!! It was cute and sweet and emotional at times, and dealt with some hard issues too. And the letters were AWESOME. And I've been inspired never to go to an American college ever. So good on me.
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catherine ♡ I read it a while back and I thought it was cute too! I think their high school theme thing was that they were tornadoes - since there was that part about how the speech at graduation was saying that they would all still be tornadoes no matter what. Scott and Cath just put their own twist on the word. That's what I remember, but I hope it cleared it up a little haha :)

Haniya (Voracious Bookling) Letters and music OMG sounds awesome ❤❤

Samantha (WLABB) Yeah! This was one of my faves last year (I am a total contemporary lover) and it's set close to when I was a teen. So glad you liked it!

C.G. Drews @Catherine: Ohhhh THAT would make sense about the tornadoes thing haha. Thankyou! XD

@Haniya: IT WAS.

@Sam: I'm really glad I liked it too, because I don't often adore contemporaries hahah. But this was so cute. <3

message 5: by lacy (new)

lacy lol. They depicted American college perfectly. :)

C.G. Drews @Lacy: You Americans are STRANGE. XD

message 7: by La Coccinelle (new)

La Coccinelle Beatles and Stones as '80s music... LOL... Squishy little millennial. :)

Those groups are before my time, too, and I was born in the late 1970s. '80s music is more like... big hair and synthesizers. If you want to get a good feel for the '80s, go watch The Wedding Singer. There are so many pop culture references there, from music to movies to clothes. (And it's funny, too.)

Samantha (WLABB) I <3 the 80s forever! =)

thedailyflannel Yup, currently in American college and I can testify that my time in life is 20% books, 30% pizza, 50% panicking over exams. No beer on my end, but I'm in the minority in that. XD

message 10: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews @La Coccinelle: I AM A CHILD. XDXD I unfortunately don't care about 80s music at all haha.

@Sam: I'm happy for ya! :D

@Anna: omggg college is WEIRD. xD

message 11: by Leah (new) - rated it 5 stars

Leah Heath What is Australian college like?

message 12: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews @Leah: No clue. I never went. (We call it university too, we don't have "college" really.)

message 13: by Akahayla (new)

Akahayla This is so embarrassing but I read the book's title as "We are still Tomatoes" *facepalm*

message 14: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Paquet As an American myself, I do not understand our colleges. It's like an extension of high school, where everyone goes to play around.


Brandy “We are still Tornadoes “ is a continued reference to a classmate who made a speech at their high school graduation in which he reminded everyone that, no matter what, they would always be Tornadoes (their school mascot). Scott and Cath found this really hysterical and continued to make fun of this speech together by using the line frequently.

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