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Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma
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Aug 03, 2011

liked it

I didn't realize that this book would have supernatural/paranormal themes in it- I do sometimes like that but the description of this book gave no indication so it was unexpected. That said- I really liked it. It felt like a nightmare. There were times where I was SO NERVOUS and at one point actually afraid and had to take a break from reading. But nothing "scary" was even happening- the nervous energy in the writing is so great. I would have given it a higher rating if I didn't feel so unsatisfied by the ending. It is kind of an elusive ending and that is ok with me, I like when the final scene is left for readers to interpret as they will. But the best way I can say this without spoilers is that I don't like how Ruby's actions are never explained. She is constantly doing things with no explanation of why she can do it.

Also. In reading other reviews I noticed that many people thought Ruby was a charismatic, likeable character with ultimately good intentions and I did not see it that way AT ALL. I found her final actions to be the most selfish of all- I didn't see it as selfless so much as leaving people in her debt.

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