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Mangaman by Barry Lyga
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I'm going to be up front with you, the reader. This is worth reading but I'd check it out from the library rather than purchasing it sight unseen. There's some great jokes in here but like others have said, the story is very thin.

Let's start off with what I liked. I enjoyed the art style & I loved the little jokes here & there about how various manga antics would be portrayed in the real world. The art really is wonderful to look at. The manga does tend to suffer from "Drawn by an American-itis" (if you're a big manga reader you'll know what I'm referring to) but it's still pretty well done. Where the art really takes off is with the ultra detailed & realistic characters. It's a bit jarring to look at the difference between the characters' different styles, but that's half of the point of the different styles.

Where everything sort of goes a little wrong is with the story. It's not that it's a bad idea, it's just that it's barely there. If the writing team had spent as much time on the story as they did on the jokes & artwork then this would have been a great read. What makes everything worse is that there really isn't an ending to anything in the book. There's one of sorts but if you're looking for any actual answers or resolution then you'll end up being disappointed. If this is the first volume in a series then great. If not then it's just a very disappointing & flat ending. I don't need to have everything tied up in a neat little bow but I do like it when my books have a better ending than this.

If this book was a pizza then I'd be sending it back for another 10-20 minutes in the oven. I can't help but think that a little more planning would have turned this book into what it really wants to & deserves to be. This is an entertaining but ultimately lukewarm read. Again, I'd recommend it as a library read but I'm glad I didn't spend money on it.

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