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I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan
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Aug 02, 2011

liked it
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Three stars- i liked it- for the most part.
I am rather conflicted about this book. Not the subject matter per-se, but the style and execution. The general idea, the reflections on biblical 'history' and the ruminations on the nature of sin were intriguing, but there are flaws throughout despite these positives.
As many have written, the constant digression and existential ramblings became a bit cumbersome. It seemed to become a little repetitive- biblical history, present events, existential ramblings... biblical history, present events, existential...well... you get the point.
However, some of the digressions did pose interesting ideas and thesis'- many were overworked and unnecessary. It is true I'm a sucker for good narrative (I'm a bit simplistic like that) but often the tangents seemed nothing more than the authors excuse to 'sound off'.
I found the use of anagram from the authors name annoying as all hell. (pun intended) The character who serves host to the devil is named Declan Gunn (a disgruntled suicidal writer)- the author, of course is Glen Duncan. I couldn't decided if it was a part of the authors overuse of theme/motif of self-indulgence and hedonism, or just a douchbag, self absorbed thing to do.
Though the narrator (the devil) is egotistical, I couldn't help but think the author was as well. Especially due to his incessant need to randomly throw in the occasional '10-cent word' which stuck out like sore thumbs and completely stammered the flow. (Granted I like challenging vocabulary when appropriately used, but it just seemed like he was showing off his 'British-ness')
Oddly enough, despite my criticisms, I did like the book- for the most part- I devoured the first 2/3's of it, but then found myself saying "ok pal..get to the point..lets wrap this up" Clearly Duncan had the same thought because the last 100 (give or take) pages had a different, more 'straight forward', style.
All that being said, credit must be given where it is due. I found myself wanting to know how it was going to end, curious as to the resolution of the tale. I felt a 'need' to complete this book.
Additionally, it did leave me thinking. It made me think about the origination of evil, what constitutes evil, explore my own past misdeeds, my history with Catholicism etc. to that end it was a success. I guess I have to leave it with, I enjoyed the premise, thesis and overall story, just took exception with the style.
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