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One to Keep by Sophie Oak
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Aug 02, 2011

it was amazing
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2011, August 2

I have been looking forward to reading Stefan and Jennifer's story since I started reading the Nights in Bliss, Colorado series. Stefan is another one of those men that your heart goes out to because of his difficult past. He is a caring and fiercely loyal friend but he is insecure and very lonely. While he won't admit it to himself those around him know what the problem is and they know that Jennifer is the solution to that problem. It was also nice to Stefan get a little dose of his own medicine since he has meddled in all the other couples lives so far. This is another story that has lots of laughs and places that just tear your heart out. There are also places that you just wish you had a gun so you could make the bad guys really miserable. I really do like this author and I look forward to each new book. I just wish she could write faster so I would have more good stories to look forward to.

2014, August 2

Stefan Talbot has lived in Bliss, Colorado must of his life and he considers most of the people in town to be family. He helps all those people in any way he can. The problem is that Stefan or Stef as most of his friend’s call him is that he thinks he has to buy everyone’s affection. He has always thought that no one would like him if he did bribe them some way. His mother leaving when he was young and then his father going back to Dallas only enforced that belief. Stef has also held himself apart for the most part not wanting to be hurt again. There is one person that he can’t stay away from and that is Jennifer Waters. Stef wants her so much but she is younger than he is, like his mother was younger than his father. He continually thinks that she isn’t old enough to make a decision that will affect the rest of her life. He almost loses her because he can’t see past his hang-ups.

Stefan is a dominant and he enjoys his play every much. He is also a kind, giving and compassionate man. He is an artist. He works with Max Harper’s horses. He helps with planning in town. He volunteers his time for civic events. He is a tall, dark, drool worthy hunk of male flesh. I like Stef even with his imperialistic ways. Most of the funny parts of this story come from Stef having to deal with his father. I would have loved to be in on the discussion about all the stuff in the guest house. Stef is also protective of all those he cares about. We have seen that in the other books. I was also impressed that he can shoot handguns and rifles, fist fight and he has the courage to take on the Russian mod.

Jennifer Waters was raised by a woman that could stay in one place. She wants roots, a true home. It takes her running away to realize that Bliss is her home. Jennifer or Jen as everyone calls her in Bliss is a courage and a little impetuous. She tends to rush into things without thinking there will be trouble. In many ways Stef is the perfect partner for her. Jennifer is also an artist. I have liked Jen since the beginning but she comes to life in this book. I was glad that she had the courage to keep fighting for Stef. He needs her just because she will disturb his well-ordered life.

This is probably the hardest of these stories to read. There is a lot of violence, murder, torture and intimidation in this story than there has been in the early stories. Yes there was someone stalking intent on murder in the early books but they were caught before anything happened. We are introduced to the new doctor Caleb Burke. I look forward to reading his story. We are also introduced to Holly Lang and Hope MacLean. I also look forward to reading more about Alexi Markov. He is the Russian mobster that turns against his comrades and protects the people of Bliss. As always there are some very hot and steamy sex scenes in this story. These are made hotter and steamier when the application of toys and some spanking. Stef is very creative in finding ways to tie Jennifer up. We also find out that Stella is Stef's father great love. Yes there is a lot going on in this story and I have only mentioned a little of what is going on.
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