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Paradise Girl by Phill  Featherstone
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really liked it
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Wow, this book is a psychological spine-tingler and a half! I won this in a giveaway, and I've always quite liked post-apocalyptic fiction, so I was quite looking forward to seeing how this one would go. Most ones I've read might keep to a loner character, but never one quite so alone as Kerryl here. Every single person she's ever known is dead, as far as Kerryl can tell, except for perhaps her brother but since he's been missing for weeks she's basically alone now. The authorities might not have succeeded in stopping the spread of the Infection, but they managed to hold a lot of infrastructure up longer than you might have expected. Kerryl unsurprisingly suffers from the isolation, and combined with starving herself it's hardly surprising that she starts hearing noises in the night and seeing things out of the corner of her eye that aren't there when she looks again.
The story is narrated in a wonderfully lively way by the Paradise Girl herself, who is a pretty unreliable narrator, however honest she may seem. For one thing, she's writing to someone who isn't there, someone she's made up, which is fine to begin with... The world the book's set in seems to be a parallel world, where instead of DVDs we have 'moviesticks' while most things, such as 'Twilight', remain the same. The book has a rather epic conclusion that throws the entire book in a new light and kept me up thinking long past the 1am I stayed up finishing this book. (It was just to intense to dare put down - it's seriously spooky once you pass midway there.) My only criticism could be that the narrator seems to quite abruptly change psyche at the end, rather than the gradual decline the rest of the book allowed, but to be fair, that's part of the point. What would be a nice formatting change would be if it went Illuminae-style and had her handwriting and so on... but that's just a wishlist, because this book was penetrating enough without it.
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