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A Dog's Life by Peter Mayle
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Aug 02, 2011

If you have a dog, or have lived with one for any period of time, you will find this book laugh out loud funny--particularly if, as is often the case around here, you tend to anthropomorphize your canine friend because dangit, their facial expressions are just so erudite. It's short, and very much in keeping with Mayle's memoir writings elsewhere. I am personally a much greater fan of his autobio's than his fiction, insofar as I think he's better at recording than creating. Left to his own devices, the star of this particular show, a mutt whose name is a key point and should not be revealed other than in the reading, spins an hilarious tale of life among the feet with those he affectionately refers to as "the management." If this narrator is to be believed, life is truly a stage and the men and women merely set dressing for the canine superior. Thoroughly enjoyable and a quick read for the dog lover in all.

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