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Stay The Night by Scarlett Parrish
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Aug 02, 2011

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bookshelves: m-m, novella
Read from October 12 to 14, 2011

Favorite Quote: “If you ever call me ‘totes adorbz’, I will rip your face off, Kenton.”

Computer programmer, Kit Blackman doesn’t have much of a social life. In fact, one might call him – socially inept. He is cranky, bad-tempered, and really doesn’t like people in general. So when he discovers one of his roommates is moving out, his mood goes even more south quick. This means he will actually have to interact with someone new. Leaving much of the work of finding someone new to his remaining roommate, Kit focuses on work and keeping away from everyone.

But soon Steven Kent moves in and Kit can’t hide forever. They meet, and very quickly, Steven decides to put some moves on Kit. Kit of course finds Steven attractive, but Steven moves quick and Kit is not sure if he is ready for what Steven is offering.. And Kit’s not sure how to process these feelings he is developing for Steven, especially with Steven living under the same roof as him.

Stay the Night is a very sexy novella. Not to keep keep harping on Kit, but he is seriously a cranky hero. I kind of adored that about him though. He is a complex guy – using his social awkwardness almost as a defense mechanism so he doesn’t have to get emotionally close to people, which really scares him. Deep down he misses intimacy, but it is going to take much more than just a dirty kiss from Steven, to set Kit on a path to where he feels comfortable being close to someone. That doesn’t mean he can’t have sex – and oh my these two have some very smexy times in this book.

Kit also suffers from severe migraines, and the pain and the way it debilitates him is well done. In fact, I really have no complaints about Kit, but where I think the story lacks just a bit is where Steven is concerned. This being told all in Kit’s point of view, I never felt that we really get to know Steven all that well. He waltzes in and decides from day one that he is attracted to Kit and gives him that little push to pursue a physical relationship.

“I hardly know you.”

“My name’s Steven Kenton. I’m twenty-nine years old. I’m gay, and I’ve got my hand on your cock. What else do you need to know?”

“No you – fuck.” I groaned when he laid his hand over my erection, expecting him to laugh at my surprise, but his eyes clouded over. Only his arm, his hand, separated us and I thanked God the wall was at my back – nothing else would have kept me upright at that point.

“Okay, so it’s through your jeans, but we’ll soon remedy that.”

“This.” I took a deep breath and inhaled whatever it was about him that melted my resistance to nothing. “This won’t end well.”

“Are you kidding me? A Kenton hand-job is the stuff of legend. This will have a very happy ending for both of us.”

We learn that Steven is very attracted to Kit, but why? I wanted to get to know him better.

With that being said, I think the fast glimpse we get into their relationship unfolds well and I was happy with how this story ends. I feel like I also have to note that there are many times in this book where the dialogue pulled me out of the story. It felt like so many sentences the characters would speak, would end in an incomplete sentence and after awhile it became distracting.

But otherwise, I recommend this one. It is sexy with some very humorous lines, and I look forward to more from this author.

Rating: B-

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