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it was amazing
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OHHH HOLY BEANS, THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD. I fell hopelessly in love with the first book -- hello, SHERLOCK -- but sequels and I tend to get a bit twitchy. While I don't think Every Word was AS good, it was still BEYOND WONDERFUL AND I WISH TO HUG IT AND SHRIEK AND DO ALL THE NECESSARY FANGIRL THINGS 9 TIMES OVER. I looooove Sherlock Holmes. I love mystery. I love all the Australian slang. I love murder. Erm...WAIT. I DIDN'T SAY THAT. I love murder mysteries. Basically this book. This series. Omg.

The biggest thing I adore are the characters. I love them. I love how moody and adorable and angsty and tortured Mycroft is. He's totally melted me. I am marshmallow goop and not even ashamed. And I ADORE Rachel. She's tough and stubborn and down-to-earth and ajdkflasd I admire her so so much. She does roller derby too! ROLLER DERBY. Do you know how lethal that sport is?!?! It's freaking terrifying.
And their relationship just deepens over the story -- and goes through REAL ROUGH patches. And just afjdklsa I ship them so much. Although, I admit, I'm not a fan of the "let's make-out like it's our last moments on earth" sessions in the middle of a really dangerous kidnapping. I mean, OKAY I GET IT. But no??? Maybe priorities??? Life before pashing???

Also they get HURT SO BAD IN THIS BOOK. There's torture and bleeding and it's all written so realistically and so PAINFULLY. AGHHHH. MA POOR BABIES, LET ME RESCUE THEM. I have so much respect for this author, because she really lets them get hurt and doesn't rescue them easily. They have to rescue themselves. I LOVE THAT. But so much paaaaain for me, omg.

Also a million points because this book mentions words like "knackered" and "stonkered". I didn't think anyone use stonkered but my family. SO MUCH LOVE.

The plot is REALLY exciting and full-on. It's mostly set in England this time, which is fascinating. And all the details made me really feel like I just visited London. Like, seriously, the book mentions EVERYTHING like time zone changes or this random English snack, or how to get the bus ticket, and how many blocks to walk between the hostel and this national monument and then to this famous pub and AFJDSLKAD IT JUST FELT SO REAL. I felt like I was right there with the characters. That kind of personalised writing is HARD to pull off, okay??! So a million points for that. And I also loved the homage to Holmes moments. Rachel goes to the 221 Baker Street museum. And "Moriarty" makes an appearance in the book, and a character is called "Irena Addlington" (Irene! Adler!) Which just made me grin.

BASICALLY THIS SERIES IS MY FAVOURITE THING. I love these books. I loooove the details and the mysteries and the character development. There are explosions and murders and threats and toooortured pasts. We find out more about Mycroft's bloodied past too (!!) and Rachel is so THERE for him. Like they're a couple now, but she's there as a friend, too, and they are just so cute and entirely shippable and broken and AWK. I'm having an emotion. help. I literally cannot WAIT to get my hands on the third book. Dyyyying here.
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message 1: by Deborah (new)

Deborah O'Carroll I love when you get all emotional and give things five stars and fangirl over all of the things. :') MAH CAIT IS HAVING AN EMOTION!

Also I now really wanna know what "knackered" and "stonkered" mean...

Ella YAY!!!!! SO GLAD YOU LOVED THIS!! :D Phew, I was worried! ;)

So knackered and stonkered just mean "exhausted" like "completely absolutely wiped out". xDD Don't deny it. Australian slang is the best. XD

@Ella: I AM SO HOOKED IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. I'm buying bk 3 stat.

Chantel Gledhill Hi! Do you have any other murder mystery recommendations? I loved these books so much and I'd like to read something else along these lines.

C.G. Drews @Chantel: Ooh, I recommend Dangerous Girls, although it's darker than this one. Also The Naturals and White Cat (they're supernaturally murdery ones though) ohhhh and Made for You. :D Hope that helps!

Chantel Gledhill Thank you! :)

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