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did not like it
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Recommended for: NOT EVEN MY WORST ENEMY

Congratulations Andrea Cremer for taking one of my favorite series and turning the last book in the trilogy into The Biggest Dissapointment I've read all year.

******My review is NOT based on the "winner" of Calla's heart*****

Im so pleased I didn't actually invest money on purchasing this book.....Since I read an ARC of this I'm thinking maybe this was Ms. Cremer's idea of a joke and she's rewriting and editing as we speak??!? Surely this can not be the finished copy??!! Say it isn't so Andrea Cremer?:(

"Love," my father said softly. "Real love, even in moments, is worth more than any of us can say."

So the first half I found incredibly boring a huge let down for those of us that have been anxiously awaiting the release of Bloodrose.

On page 290 I was already disgusted and frustrated with Calla, (view spoiler) but after thinking about it, I realized that most of the time I actually hate Calla. Therefore I decided I must continue this to the end because anyone that knows me knows my obsession with this series is based solely on my love for the gorgeous Alphalicious male Ren Laroche.

"I don't know if I can do this,"

"you have too," I said, but each of my heartbeats hit slow and heavy in my chest, like a stake  being pounded into the ground with a sledge.

"I can't leave you, Calla."

On page 344 my heart was broken and for this (view spoiler) I cannot forgive Ms. Cremer and I regret ever reading Nightshade which is my favorite book in the series. With a heavy heart I'm sad to say that I will no longer be recommending this series to friends. Oh, I almost forgot to add; the ending was ridiculously Lame.

"We were always meant to be together, Calla."

Thank you Mariya for graciously providing me with the ARC. I should have known misery does love company! ;) HA!

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August 1, 2011 – Shelved
December 14, 2011 – Started Reading
December 14, 2011 –
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0.25% "Gimme Gimme Gimme my Ren Laroche fix now!!!! :)))"
December 14, 2011 –
page 27
6.65% ""There's one more thing I need to tell you before we go,' Ren said. "What?" He leaned down, lips brushing my cheeks as I opened the door. "Ilike your hair." *swoon*"
December 14, 2011 –
page 107
26.35% "Calla needs to drop that Zero Shay and get with a Hero Ren"
December 15, 2011 –
page 351
86.45% "This is unforgivable of Andrea Cremer. I can't remember the last book I cried this hard over. I don't even want to finish it."
December 15, 2011 – Shelved as: arc
December 15, 2011 – Shelved as: ashamed-to-have-read
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MISS VAIN Aly! That above comment I wrote was back in August LOL. (look at the date) hahaha. It's about something that happens in Wolfsbane, the previous book.

I'll message you what upset me but you have to promise not to tell Dija, because she loves this series and I don't want to spoil it for her.

MISS VAIN Aly! I'm going to delete out two comments above because, well it's eerily too close to a spoiler.....weird that I wrote that in August, and you responded and totally guessed...hmmmm. Forgive me for deleting but you know why.;)

message 3: by Anzu (new)

Anzu The Great Destroyer I'm not even going to bother with this sh*t :))

MISS VAIN Anzu wrote: "I'm not even going to bother with this sh*t :))"

HAHAHAHA! I love how you so eloquently put it!;))))
I might be in the minority but I hated so much of this book that I felt 2 stars would be too generous.

Merita Omg i want to read your review sooo bad, but i cant do it. I cant even take a peek lol BUT i want to soooo bad lol

☆ јⓐⓓε ☆  Oh my God Ms Vain! Is it that bad? Oh God, now I'm really nervous about reading this book...

message 7: by Anzu (new)

Anzu The Great Destroyer I hated the previous one. It totally put me out of the mood to even finish the series. So whatever, I'm giving up :))

Aly is so frigging bored Miss V no prob :)) And I am so happy that I guessed =))))

Anzu, good choice :D

message 9: by Jamie (new) - added it

Jamie Glad I didn't pick this series up.

Aly is so frigging bored LOL Jamie :)))))

Mariya I KNEW IT! It was crap and I was totally being nice with my 3 star rating, well b/c I did love some aspects of the book, like Connor and Adne and Ren scenes were cute, but you're right, Miss Vain! THIS WAS CRAP!!!! AND I FELT LIKE I WAS CHEATED!

I am sooooo happy someone sent me an ARC so I don't have to waist my money on a shitty ending. I wanna get rid of my other two books now. I'm even ashamed to own the series. I liked book 2, yes, but put together, UGH! NO!

I just don't understand the 4-5 star ratings?! I'm looking at it like how could they just let page 344 go! There should be some serious reconsidering at that point, you know?

@Anzu: If you hated the last one, you will despise Bloodrose.

Mariya You are not in the minority, Miss Vain. I was thinking it was very much 1 star quality. And You just don't do that on page 344 b/c I felt like I rather had a real ending instead of that crap of an ending.

I bet when a lot of others read this they will be disappointed too.

MISS VAIN Anzu-I forgot you hated the last one, I just refreshed my memory with your review, how could I forget "Team A$$ and Team F**ck." HAHAHA

Merita-My review is spoiler free I'm just angry!! My review has no bearing on what that stupid dumb ass Calla chooses btw. It's something different.

Aly-You guessed, youre always good like that!

Jamie-I won't even pick up another Andrea Cremer book, mark my word! ;)

Mariya-I hate Calla, I hate Cremer, I hate page 344, I hated the ridiculously lame ass ending too! WTF was that???!!!! I hate Calls, she's such a stupid dumb ass, she only cares about herself. I'm ashamed to have read this!!! I cannot believe these 3,4 & 5 stars ratings??!!?? WTF did I read the same book? If I actually bought this book, I would return it to the store on principal. I like the other side characters you're right Mariya, BUT it wasn't good enough to me....and techniquely the ending with the wolves only proved what a Pansy Ass (view spoiler) Lover she really is! I'm angry.

MISS VAIN When I was finished I wanted to rip Bloodrose into a million pieces with my bare hands and mail it to the publishing company, that's how mad I was at this book. HAHAHAHA!!! ;))

MISS VAIN ☆ јⓐⓓε ☆ wrote: "Oh my God Ms Vain! Is it that bad? Oh God, now I'm really nervous about reading this book..."

Jade-I don't know what you'll rate it......hmmmmmm. :)))

Aly is so frigging bored Miss V you are scaring the people :))) good work :D

MISS VAIN LOL. I know I seriously am!! Muahahahaha!! ;)
Thank you, Aly!;)

Aly is so frigging bored =)) you shouldn't sound so happy about it :))))))))

MISS VAIN Aly (Lothaire) Daciano wrote: "=)) you shouldn't sound so happy about it :))))))))"

Why not?? I thought you were complimenting me for my good job at scaring people??!:))

Aly is so frigging bored I was, but as you always say "don't be mean(scaring people is mean btw ;;) )" so I just assumed you'll do the same thing :D

MISS VAIN I guess I don't lead by example :/ lol.....You know you're not mean, your one of my favorite GR friends how can you be mean? :))

I guess I like being mean by scaring people with my bad reviews muahahahaha.:)

Aly is so frigging bored Miss V that was so... cute? :))) Flattery will get you everywhere :D

Bad reviews are good :D they spare people: 1. they don't waste time; 2. they don't waste money; so you see, you do great things even when you write bad reviews

MISS VAIN I meant it, now this is time when you say the same thing back to me....;))))

Oh yes, you're absolutely right! When I'm writing bad reviews I am helping people. I deserve a medal or something.:))))))))

message 25: by Anzu (new)

Anzu The Great Destroyer I deleted it from my tbr list looong time ago. Good call that was :))

MV are they still doing the teams crap? :D

MISS VAIN Good decision Anzu!

Yeah Team Ren vs. Shay.....but my anger is not from Calla's dumb ass choice. It's just everything.

Aly is so frigging bored =))))))) lol Anzu, such bad language!

Miss V you know you're great, so I don't have to say it :* You're one of my fav people ever!

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews::: Dumb ass choice...eh??

MISS VAIN Aly! Thank you lovely.:))))))))))) *blushes* that is a very cute comment.;)

Well yeah, I just think she's a dumbass, quit calling me out Mrs. Vishous!!!!! Haha.

message 30: by Rogier (new)

Rogier OMG...

MISS VAIN Rogier wrote: "OMG..."

That sums it up!:)

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews::: Im sure the fireworks will come when I read it.....

Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue) This makes me sad. I remember how excited I was to read Wolfsbane after finishing Nightshade, and I remember how disappointed I was with it by the end. And now you're telling me that Bloodrose is even more disappointing? :( But I'll still buy it because I'm neurotic about finishing a series. Same goes for having complete sets sitting on my shelves.

MISS VAIN Mrs. Vishous-I can't wait to hear your feedback, even though I already think I know how you'll feel just unsure of your rating...Goodluck. :)

Jeanette-I know what you mean, I just can't not finish a series most of the time, and this is one that most people will have to check out for themselves.;) Who knows, I have a friend that read it and hated it yet she still gave it 3 stars, and she told me before I read it that ratings will go from 1-5. So who knows you may love it.....I myself thought Nightshade was the best in the series, and Wolfsbane was good just not as great as Nightshade....and well my anger rating of Bloodrose speaks for itself. LOL Goodluck. :)

Mariya LOL You are so funny. I'm glad for the ARC b/c it just saved me $12 for the preorder I was gonna order. I wanna get rid of my other Nightshade books as well. SO PISSED!

Though Bloodrose is in the category of weird ratings for me. Hahaha!~ It's totally a 1-3 stars. I don't know what to read it, But 4-5 is out of the question. It doesn't even deserve the 4-5 stars that people have been giving it.

Bloodrose was boring and plus Cremer screwed up everything! But I didn't totally not enjoy it. There were some aspects I did enjoy but after this I definitely don't recommend the series and am ashamed to own the other two. UGH!

I'm be spoiling my review like hell on the release date! LOL

Took me so long to finish the book, I think it's b/c I was a tad bit bored and Calla annoyed the hell outta me! She turned weak in this book. And the book is suppsoe to be about how strong she is? right. If she can't tell the guy's who love her the truth she doesn't deserve either of them and that makes her not strong in my book.



I feel the same way about all you wrote, but I especially wanted to point out that what you wrote about page 344 pissed me off the most, and she did take the easy way out.

P.s. Mariya answer my email I sent you bitching about you know what. ;)

Mariya what did I write about 344. I forgot?? LOL

MISS VAIN Okay dork LOL I copied and pasted it above!!!!! LOL

message 39: by Roxanne (new)

Roxanne Oh god I REALLY want to know what page 344 is about!!!! This is definitely being taken off my TBR list. I trust both your review Mariya and Miss Vains. No way will I read it now.

Mariya Don't worry all will be spilled on release date thanks to your wonderful Goodreads community. LOL

But yes, Trust us. =DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

MISS VAIN Please do trust Mariya and I and save your money, time and effort!!

I've very anti Nightshade and anti Andrea Cremer.

Let's just say I haven't cried that hard during a book in a long time. I was sobbing like a nutcase in my bed late at night, thankfully I was alone or it would have been super embarrassing. HA!

Mariya, did you cry??

Mariya Yes. If nobody else did I would be worried. It was a heartfelt scene if you're close to the characters.

MISS VAIN I agree, if readers did not cry I would think they were heartless. Lol.

Glad I wasn't the only one because my doggie Pinky kept looking at me like she was embarrassed of me crying over a book. Lol.

Rafaela I love Ren and I hate Shay. I'll be trusting you both, and taking it off my TR list.

MISS VAIN Rafaela it's difficult to not finish a series, but I don't ever plan to recommend this series to any friend again!!! An unforgivable book in my opinion on Andrea Cremer's part.

P.s. I LOVE Ren and HATE Shay too!;)))

Maychocoholic Nooo:'( I LOVE Ren and I hate Shay! Shay is such a weak character! And from what it sounds is that Calla chooses Shay >:| Ughhh I am never going to buy another Andrea Creamer book again! I'm halfway through Wolfbane (I wanted to start reading it on the 31st of December but... I caved, I REally wanted to read it!) But seriously... Andrea Cremer should have seen that literally everyone loves Ren! *sorry about going off on a rant, I'm usually not as crazy :)

message 47: by Mariya (last edited Dec 18, 2011 10:48AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mariya In who Calla chooses is not what where mad about, there is quite a bit to be mad about, a lot of things actually.

MISS VAIN Maychocoholic-I adore Ren and absolutely hate Shay as well. Because Shay is so selfish I actually felt that Calla and Shay are more suited for each other than Ren and Calla. In my opinion I felt that Ren deserves a much better mate than Calla, that's why I didn't base my review on "the decision" Calla made. Just so you know going into it my review was based on a stupid ending and something that happens towards the end of the book as I referenced in my review....I do feel and have always felt that Andrea Cremer was a Shay lover from book one. I don't plan on reading any other book she publishes. No worries about the rant, I've been ranting all weekend long about to my one other friend that has already read it as well. :))))

MISS VAIN Yes listen to Mariya too!:)

message 50: by Marissa (new)

Marissa OMG!! You two, Mariya and Miss Vain, talked me into buying Wolfsbane, now you're talking everyone out of Bloodrose!?!? Aggghhhh! :p
Never mind that I *STILL* have not been able to bring myself to even read Wolfsbane yet...lol
Now all I really want is to sell my 2 books and wait for you guys to spoil how this monstrously, disastrous, train wreck of a series ends!!!

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