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His Contract by Rebecca Grace Allen
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There are a few authors who can write a story that brings me to tears. The list is even smaller when the tears start with the prologue. If Ms. Allen would not think I was a crazy lunatic who needed to be put in a mental hospital, I would email her ranting about starting off a book that put me in tears. However, the rest of the story was wonderful, so I will let the tears part pass.

I purchased this digital book before the wonderful Samhain publishing house closed its doors. So sad to see them go, but for the authors similar to Ms. Allen just remember when one door closes another opens up. And with what I read in this story you have what it takes to be BIG!

The story starts out with Jack Archer. A man who is broken after burying his wife. A wife he loved dearly. He does not know how he will go on. He feels broken inside. He feels like he should be lying beside his wife instead of still walking around trying to exist.

We also have Lilly. A woman who was abused got away and believes she is broke. A woman who is afraid to take a chance on giving her heart to another. A woman who believes she is the one who is messed up for what she wants and feels. Having experienced everything Lilly has I can tell you she is a stronger woman than I. She got away and was able to tell the guy 'F*CK OFF'. Well, actually she should have gutted him, strung him up by the guts then chopped off his privates and shoved them into his mouth. That would have felt real good lol. Sorry, yeah, some men deserves just that.

Jack is 44 going on 45. Lilly is 28. Each a graduate of law school. Each believes they have nothing to offer the other person or someone else. Each agrees to a contract believing they are doing it to help the other person more than themselves.

When these two people finally realize they have gotten over their past, that they have healed and ready for more. They each realize that the other might now want to change anything. Jack is the main one who does not believe others would be very accepting of him having a relationship with Lilly. He has this problem with the age difference. Age really is just a number. When the lights are out we are all the same age. Just go with it.

This book moved me. It moved me in ways, showing that I personally can move on. That I can personally overcome everything that has happened in my past. That I am stronger than I think. That no matter what to not let the past burden me in the present or future.

The story is one of the few books/authors I have found where it offers a true look at BDSM. No, there are not any clubs or other people involved in a scene. But it shows a nice look at BDSM. A better look at the kink world that is not shown in that 50 something book that I refuse to read.

I can honestly say the man who called himself a Dom in Lilly's past is nothing but a 'player'. Someone whose only goal is to find women and use them for his own benefit. Someone who does not know the true meaning of Dominance and Submission.

To any who enjoy a true BDSM story, then I highly recommend this book. I do not know if any other books will be published in this series. I truly hope the author will publish them. Her writing will leave readers begging for me.

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