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The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld
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Aug 01, 2011

really liked it
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The Last Days starts off just about the point where Peeps ended, though from the point of view of a new selection of characters. (You could read these books out of order, and it would still be fairly logical.) The Last Days days is told from the viewpoint of five characters, each a member of a band that is pulled together as New York seems to be falling apart. Trash is building up on the curbs, rats are running in herds, cats are behaving strangely, and people are going crazy (trashy their apartments, fighting family and friends, and other antisocial behavior like eating people). Not to mention that something else, something far more dangerous, is rumbling underground, spewing black water, and making the subways unsafe to travel in.

Each character has a very clear unique voice. You would probably know who was talking even if the character name wasn't placed at the front of each chapter. Pearl is my favorite of the characters, even if she was a bit bossy. I don't want to reveal anything, but I hoped for a slightly different storyline for her. Zhaler is a bit whinny, but ultimately lovable, and Alana Ray the drummer is rather awesome in many ways. Minerva, the singer, is a creepy enigma, who you don't really know where you stand with -- she could be the enemy. And then there's Moz, the guitarist, who I'm not totally fond of, but accept as part of the group.

I didn't like The Last Days quite as much as I liked Peeps (too many character viewpoints to jump through maybe), but it's nevertheless enjoyable, and a good followup. One of the things I was quite amused to learn, was that each of the chapters is titled after a band name (I love things like that), which is very appropriate considering how much the book focuses on the music and its effect on people and the world. You gotta love a group of people who are going to meet the end of the world with Rock & Roll.

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