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The Guild by Felicia Day
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Aug 01, 2011

really liked it

This is a charming little comic story about the origins of the Knights of Good. It has a real beauty to it, especially the way that the art style changes so much between the mundane real world and the lush world of the game. Potential readers should know that this book assumes that the reader has seen at least through season three of the web series The Guild, but I think someone without that experience would be able to enjoy the story anyway (that person will just miss funny little side jokes like an appearance by Tink at a video game store, a cameo by a rival guild, a scene or two at a Cheesybeards, etc.). Certainly, this book isn't an essential read, either for personal enjoyment or for understanding the web series, but for fans of the live action Guild, this graphic novel version of the Guild is a welcome addition to the mythology.

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