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Silas by Robert J. Duperre
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Aug 01, 2011

it was amazing
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A Greta Review
This book is sooooooooo the Every-Man Manly Man I love my dog, I'm going through a midlife Crisis, Oh snap where did I wind up at, why is everything different, sort of fairytale.

ANd you know what kids?

Its da BOMB!!

Ken is going through a mid-life crisis. I mean, its not a bad thing. Well, it's kinda a bad thing but its understandable. He's 32, stuck in a rut, and his wife just brought home a puppy.

HOW DARE SHE ! ! ! !

But after a night of nacho indulgence (it isn't specified if nachos were the key but I like to believe they are) Ken has a health scare with the old ticker and is put on bed rest for a bit.

During that time he bonds with Silas, the new labrador puppy.

I can tell you as a strict lover of cats that I fell in love with Silas. I'm one of those people who can't stand the needy dog. I mean I like the dog on I am Legend, and I like the dog in Marley and Me, but can I like THIS dog? This dog that wants to be petted and is a puppy that gnaws on things and drools on shoes, and is just so clingy?!!

The answer is YES.... because dogs grow up and Silas is awesome!

But the story isn't just about how a man bonds with his dog. Well, ok... some of it is. Ken has been told his whole childhood that pets aren't needed because they just break your heart after they die. He never had a pet growing up because his Dad wouldn't allow them. I had a friend like this. He got his first dog when he was in his mid 20s. And you know what? Just like Ken he realized that there was something missing in his life... The love of a pet.

As Ken bonds with Silas and his life starts to get a bit better he soon finds that life isn't always rosebuds and flea collars. Some of those nasties from life before NACHO LAND are still around. You know... the part of the chips that have the hard cheese on them? We hate those!!

This is what spirals the LOVE SONG into a Marilyn Manson cover song.


Because Ken is about to find himself in a land that is not his own. A land of holy batwing terror. A land that can only be described as a nightmare.

But the cool thing is... he still has his dog with him.

Greta's thoughts:

How would you describe this book?
THe perfect manly man fairytale. IT had everything! I think any man would LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!

What fairytales does this book remind you of?
Peter Pan
The Jungle Book
Lord of the Rings
Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes isn't a fairy tale. Why would you say that?
Because there aren't enough fairy tales for men in the world so movies and comic books have become them.

How is the imagery in the book?
Oh My GAWD amazing!! YOu really feel like you are there!!! ITs told with just the right amount of description and not once do you have to know what stuff smells like, how things make you feel, and all that other oowy goowy touchy feely stuff that women dig.

Did you feel you got inside a man's head?
Most definitely!! It was awesome to really hear a man's voice. I super loved it!

Who would you buy this book for?
I think this would make the most awesome father's day gift. I also think this book is perfect for any animal lover (whether it be cats, dogs, or chickens... everyone will love this book).

How young of a person do you think could read this book?
This is NOT a book for kids!! There isn't much cussing which I thought was fabulous. ITs amazing how women authors cuss and cuss and cuss but men authors seem to limit their swearing. I really dug that. And there really isn't much graphic nudity (there is a bit) but this is NOT your 8 year olds bedtime story. I think a mature thirteen year old or high schooler could definitely read this book without any problem. I would let my fourteen year old son read this but I wouldn't let my eleven year old cousin read it.

Were there parts that scared you?
Oh hells to the yes!! There were most awesome creepy crawlies in this book that made me squirm but also made me go "WOAH!! THAT IS COOL!" Its the perfect mix of horror detail that I super loved.

If you could change anything about this book what would it be?
THe cover! THe cover is dreadful and I do not like it!!! That is NOT how it should look. I mean, I guess that is KEN and SILAS on the cover but they look evil and zombie-like. That's not the way they are supposed to look at ALL!! IF I was to judge this book by its cover its quite possible I wouldn't pick it up.

Were you satisfied with the ending?
Oh yes yes yes yes!! It was superb!! It had everything I wanted

Could there be a sequel?
Not with Ken's story. I think where his ended is perfect and shouldn't be mucked with. Now, with the other characters he met along the way... they could totally get more added to the mix.

Who was your favorite character?
Big Guy

Who is Big Guy?
I can't tell you..... You have to read the book to find out ;)

In Closing
THis is a most awesome book and I'm super glad that I read it. I think it would be a great plot for a movie and I hope one day it becomes just that!
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08/01/2011 page 13
4.0% "This is the greatest story I have to tell, and it all begins with three distinct sounds, the first of which is a song..." 2 comments
08/01/2011 page 35
11.0% "I'm really digging how short the chapters are and how we are really getting into a guy's head. If this was written by a woman I'm sure it would be littered with smells and shiny stuff but this is really refreshing to just get straight to the point. I like that. I'm also curious if a SHINING thing will happen. I say that because the dude is a screen writer and that is the first thing I thought of."
08/01/2011 page 38
12.0% "WOAH at the Little Girl!"
08/01/2011 page 42
14.0% "WOW! This is starting to get really cool. First off.. the way that it is written is totally holding my attention and that is always rare. So ROCK ON! Second, it's soo guy and I love it! It's written in a way that a guy or a girl would really enjoy reading it. And now I find myself wanting a dog ;) Scary I'm not a dog person! But now I want one ;)So far this book is most awesome & I'm glad I singed up for the Kismet"
08/01/2011 page 54
18.0% "NOES! Don't put that there!!! Also, I get why Ken is kinda jealous about his friend from school. I get the same way."
08/02/2011 page 67
22.0% "The farmhouse appeared on my left, rising like a haunted mansion above the
overgrown shrubs and evergreens. I parked in the same spot as before, grabbed my
backpack, and stepped out. I took a moment to breathe in the morning air, still
saturated with dew, before opening the back door for Silas. He exited the car the
same way as I, his movements slow yet steady."
08/02/2011 page 71
23.0% "I wiped vomit
from my chin and screamed, “Don’t!” I swatted him with the back of my hand and
he backed away from me. I leaned back, pointed my eyes to the sky, and released a
pain-filled, ear-splitting howl. I screamed for the lost notions of life and goodness,
bellowing in anger at a God who I wasn’t sure cared in the first place." 4 comments
08/02/2011 page 76
25.0% "“Ken,” she said one night, handing me a manila envelope, <-- can't finish sentence but OMG WHAT?!!!! gaspity gasp gasp"
08/02/2011 page 80
26.0% "“You too, huh?” he said. The sound of his voice, slightly nasal yet gruff, like a
redneck Trekkie, made me chuckle. <-- hahahas!"
08/02/2011 page 88
29.0% "HOLY SNAPPLES!! This book is AWESOME!!!! I sooo want my husband to read this!!!"
08/02/2011 page 97
32.0% "The air around me grew thick. I wasn’t sure if what I saw was actually
happening or a hallucination brought about by the drugs pumping through my veins.
A part of me didn’t care, because to my gradually devolving mind the lights looked
08/02/2011 page 105
34.0% "My body went limp as I stared at the sign. My heart sank and I wished I was
dreaming. I opened my mouth to say something to calm myself but only two words
came out.
“Oh sh**.”"
08/02/2011 page 111
36.0% "At that point, I assumed I really had gone insane. <-- oh snap!! That's brilliant!"
08/03/2011 page 130
42.0% "“His full name’s Wilhelm,” the boy continued, ignoring my comment. “Will’s
just a nickname.” <-- NEAT! Like Willum!"
08/03/2011 page 151
49.0% "I’m off to kill myself a monster,” I whispered, and kept on walking." 2 comments
08/03/2011 page 166
54.0% "There seemed to be something almost erotic about the noise, as if
all life had thrown itself into a wild, sexual frenzy. Come to me, the clatter
supplicated, we only want to live, to seduce you, have you, take you. The
primitiveness of these thoughts caused me to shiver, and I thought of Wendy. Yes,
there was something seductive about it…but something even more seductive waited
back home."
08/03/2011 page 181
59.0% "It came up with an audible whoosh, clipping the
girl’s forearm in the process. Her wrist split open and blood gushed out, drenching
Big Guy’s feet. She screeched at the top of her lungs. Big Guy, in turn, lifted the
sword above his head like an executioner." 3 comments
08/04/2011 page 203
66.0% "But then the phrase repeated, louder this time, and I realized it came from behind us."
08/04/2011 page 213
70.0% "I screamed." 2 comments
08/05/2011 page 236
77.0% "I just looked at him and kept my mouth shut. So did Silas. Really, what could
we say?"

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message 1: by AH (new) - added it

AH Sounds like you really enjoyed this. Great review and loved the updates!

Greta is Erikasbuddy AH wrote: "Sounds like you really enjoyed this. Great review and loved the updates!"

Thanks AH!! This book was totally way cooler than I thought it would be. SUPER LOVE!

message 3: by Darkfallen (new)

Darkfallen Awesome review!! And about that cover...well how many rimes have we judge a book by it's cover oh it's so pretty we say and then....the story mondo sucks! So it is only fitting that an awesome story should be wrapped in a less appealing cover.

And oh yea...the author totally emailed you at PW about how awesome your review is!
Do you think this would be a good Halloween event book? You mentioned horror!

Greta is Erikasbuddy I think this would be a most excellent book for Halloween!! *winkle de wink wink

And yes yes yes! How many times have we said "DAMN!! THat cover is HAWT!!" and it winds up blowing big time!! YEs yes yes! That is ironic, isn't it?

Robert Duperre Whenever I'm starting to doubt myself, I come on over here and read you and K's reviews. Then I feel better immediately. Back to work now.

Greta is Erikasbuddy Awww!! That's nice :) and most awesome!! Party on Dude!! I have tons of faith in ya!!

message 7: by Darkfallen (new)

Darkfallen Robert wrote: "Whenever I'm starting to doubt myself, I come on over here and read you and K's reviews. Then I feel better immediately. Back to work now."

Glad to know I can motivate someone's husband to get back to work. *winks*

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