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The Diamond Cutter by Michael Roach
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May 17, 2017

did not like it

I really wanted to like this book, and eventually, after much effort, I did. It was hard work. I started reading it, some years ago. I read about a quarter of it and lost interest. But I don't give up on books. It needed to be finished. So I carried it around a lot intending to carry on with it, put it on my coffee table ready to pick up when I had nothing better to do, and flew back and forth from Cairo to London with it several times thinking it could be finished during the flight. I rarely opened it, and then often to read no more than a few pages. Today, I finally finished it!

I really wanted to believe all the principles that are outlined in this book. They sort of make sense on one level. But something... something deep down wasn't resonating. I'd read all those 'power of positive thought' books many years ago. Napoleon Hill, Wayne Dyer, Dale Carnegie ad infinitum. I'd read them all, so some of what The Diamond Cutter had to say, dovetailed in with all of that. But like many of those books, something... something just wasn't gelling for me.

So I did a little research on The Diamond Cutter. Hacking through the forest of links to The Diamond Cutter Institute and other sites inspired by the book, I finally found what I was looking for. Commentary by those who understand the Buddhist philosophies on which the book is based, and they didn't have anything good to say about it.

It had already struck me as a little odd, that The Diamond Cutter Institute were running all of these motivational, inspiring, business-success orientated seminars, and yet there didn't seem to be any taking place in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand... Why? Because the philosophy that the book is founded on is simplistic and naive. An educated audience, living in a culture where Buddhism is well understood, well practiced and has many adherents, is going to see right through the naivety of the teachings in The Diamond Cutter.

If you want more evidence of the vacuity of this book, it would be worth checking out this site: https://michaelroachfiles.wordpress.c...

As is Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche says in the quote in the sidebar of the Michael Roach files blog, “Buddha does not teach that there are linear causal relationships, where a single cause can bring about a single effect. Buddha teaches that there are many causes and many conditions... We are presented with a very complex picture of how things work. Just because a certain thing seems to have caused something to happen does not mean the particular cause we identified was solely responsible.”

Worldly success just isn't as simplistic as The Diamond Cutter would lead us to believe. Having finished the book all these years after first buying it, I now understand why I took so long to read it, and why in the end I had to force myself through the last pages: something deep inside knew the truth of this book: the method doesn't work.
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