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Fallen by Lauren Kate
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I’ve read Fallen not more than a week ago and I’ve already forgot about a half of the plot along with the character names. Some self-preservation mechanism I guess. I’m not saying it’s the worst book that has seen the light of the day, my rating just reflects how enjoyable the reading was for me. Yeah. Not. Enjoyable. At. All.

I can’t give point for characters, plot, narrating, premise, ending. Actually I think I’m not able to find any positives and that’s infuriating, because a medicated girl seeing shadows sent to a reform school (secret code for a mad house) full of challenged teenagers had such a potential! Unfortunately all the possible coolness was buried under unnecessary unrealistically overdone dramatic surrounding consisting of gothic school full of cameras with graveyard for serving detention and a pool inside of an old cathedral. Did I mention that some of the students wore monitoring devices giving shocks?

Ad some clichés, two hot guys fighting over the main heroine, accusing one another of not being good for her (obviously we all knew who was the right for her), half of the school secretly knowing about their timeless incredibly romantic ehm... let’s call it a “relationship” – because some unwritten rule about how many characters at once can hide their supernatural heritage and identity was broken and fate of all the world was depending on romantic affair of two incredibly boring people one of them being a regular stalker Googling a guy she’s just met like crazy.

I’m not trying to be bitter or mean - I do regret those hours of my life spent over this book, but not as much as screwing up my carefully built GR rating average. (It did suffer a major blow because of Fallen)

For crying out loud – even an adult can get baptized – wouldn’t that solve all her problems? If you tell me Luce gets baptized first thing after getting off that plane, I’ll go up whole one star!
end of spoilerish

Review dedicated to a reading buddy of mine with the best approach to “challenged books” :) I envy you. Now I see I'm not capable of that.

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July 31, 2011 –
20.0% "Zkouším Luuin approach "užívat si i divné knihy" ale toto nedávám. Lucinda? Dresscode diktuje černé oblečení? Školní tresty na hřbitově za školou? Sledovací náramky které dávají šoky?"
August 2, 2011 –
50.0% "Studenty zavírají na samotku. Máme tady jeden případ fóbie z kaktusů. A bylo jen otázkou času než si Luce Daniela vygooglí. Ha!"
August 3, 2011 –
60.0% ""Daniel had carried her? As in ... his arms around her body?" No, Luce, in his teeth. Nebýt už za půlkou, vzdala bych to"
August 4, 2011 –
95.0% "Neexistuje nějaké nepsané pravidlo, kolik z vašich spolužáků může skrývat svou andělskou identitu? Jestli ano, Fallen ho porušilo ve velkém stylu"
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Freckles SO bad? And I was looking forward... :(

Seesen9 Looking Forward to Fallen? Do NOT do that!

message 3: by Luu (new) - rated it 4 stars

Luu Nahahá :D Vážne nebude recenzia? O:-)

Seesen9 Ještě si to rozmyslím. Možná. Nějaká mini-GR-edition :)

Nikusha Seesen, budeš číst i Torment nebo by to pro tebe fakt byla muka? :D

Seesen9 Torment by fakt byl Torment :D Ne prozatím to neplánuju, natolik jsem zatím Luuin approach nezvládla a sebevražednými sklony taky zatím netrpím :D

Stanulienka :D Good one. Luce is litteraly too stupid to live (people with one brain cell should be put out of their misery, she's really mentally chalenged) and I can't find words to describe that asshole Daniel. He lived for thousands of years and is able to make the same mistake over and over again. Are you kidding me? They're actually the perfect dumbass couple.

Seesen9 Yes, they are a perfect match, I wish them all the best and all (not too many children for the sake of gene pool) but I just don't need to read about them ;)

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