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The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer
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Jul 31, 2011

Overall, this book was fascinating. A very clever way of bringing the 14th century to the reader. Never did it forget its genre of "travel guide" and you were always told to "look up at..." or "take in the..." Not afraid to give full accounts of some the less favourable aspects of the period, the author also managed to get across the spirit of those who lived then, saying there was always laughter to be heard and fun to be had - even if this fun would be seen as disturbing today.

My only critiscism of this book is the lists and tables that were used. Some of them seemed to go into too much detail and so were skipped, or could've been set out in a different way than they were - for example the table of Secular Administration could have a map of an area to show who ruled where, or the list of what each group of people would wear could have pictures of the clothes. Finally, although it was spelt out at the beginning how the money of the time worked, it would've helped to have a translation into todays money every now and then or put it into the context of the time a little more often.

Having said that, thoroughly recommended to anyone interested in this period!

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