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The Tomb of Agamemnon by Cathy Gere
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Jul 31, 2011

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Fascinating study of the impact of those finds. A Greek myth turns into a historical reality overnight.

Also amazing is that those early archaeologists, esp Schliemann, were little more than well-read circus entertainers, carelessly ploughing up ancient settlements and waving the shiny bits they found in the world's face. The theories and chronology surrounding the finds are just plucked out of the air to maximise publicity.

Later studies by Greek archaeologists put us on the right track, but not before the Nazis clasp onto the idea of an ancient Aryan race conquering ‘inferiors’. The Nazis loved Mycenae.

What I took from all this is just a reinforced view that loud, aggressive, powerful people can make up history and, once it’s in print, the world believes. Quiet, thoughtful people then attempt to get to the truth but often the received wisdom has taken too firm a hold.

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