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Odinism by Wyatt Kaldenberg
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Jul 30, 2011

it was amazing
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Odinism: Inside the Belly of the Beast is a look at the New World Order from an Odinists perspective. I want to do this review a little bit different than usual and either quote or paraphrase a few choice observations from inside the pages of this book. Most of these are not exact quotes but the meaning of what was said is not altered.

"The left blames white males for all the worlds ills in a witchhunt like manner like the Nazis blamed the Jews but leftists have a disconnect and don't see how similar their anti-white hysteria is to the Nazis anti-Jewish beliefs"

"Less than 1% of southern whites owned slaves but 360,000 whites from the north died in the civil war trying to free them. Whites are demonized because wealthy plantation owners profited from slave labor but whites are never praised for shedding blood trying to free them"

"Everybody knows about the bad things Hitler did but most are clueless about the crimes of Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot and other Communists"

"History is not merely what the system tells you it is, but it is also what they don't tell and why they don't tell you"

"The University eggheads role in the system is to police the intellectual world. The ivory tower scholar enforces what is safe thinking and what is incorrect"

"Universalist Asatru people complain about politics in Heathendom. They are not really against politics in Heathendom. They are merely against politics they don't agree with in Heathendom"

"Universalism always leads to mass murder"

Those are just a few choice statements inside this book. The chapter on how the free enterprise system is destroying the west is really on the mark exposing what a shell game the left vs right charade is and how at the high levels both are joined at the hip. Also a very lengthy but interesting chapter on how the seemingly incompatable Ragnar Redbeard and Leo Tolstoy were both big influences on him.

Wyatt also does a great job of making the case that the God of the Bible was a Demon. Stating at one point that the Bible makes The Turner Diaries look like a handbook of universal brotherhood. Even suggests in a humorous way that people should perform demonic exorcisms on the Bible. Gives examples that are within the Bible of Yahweh ordering people to kill children, often their own and go on genocidal rampages against other tribes. He also makes some very funny comparisons to Yahweh and Hitler. Hitler after all was acting in a similar fashion to Yahweh.

I guess my only criticisms are he beats on the left a bit much for my tastes. While I don't agree with their one size fits all universalism at the barrell of a gun ideology a lot of the ideas coming from the left are good. To be honest I don't know if there is anything coming from the right anymore but total garbage. I think the left gets a few things right at least. I also don't see the Jack London version of Socialism as being bad. Even the Scandinavian version, while far from perfect and in decline, still works better than any system going now. Wyatt likes the idea of Monarchies and family dynasties because of their deeper European roots and if nothing else there is at least a chance that the King will do the right thing.

Other highlights to this book to me were there were a lot of interesting thoughts on Jack London. But overall this was a great book. Recomended not just for Odinists but also for people that like to read alternative viewpoints on politics and the New World Order.
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