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August 7, 2011

Dear Bill,

Your decade long run of Calvin and Hobbes was the greatest run of any comic strip in the history of comic strips, and you made the right choice putting an end to it when you did. I can't believe it's been gone for 16 years now. Your precocious Calvin was what every kid with an overactive imagination is in their own heads, but you also gave us the view of what the rest of the world sees in these kids and does to try and beat the imagination out of them. There's implied sadness in the explicit joy you gave us, and it makes Calvin and Hobbes a true masterpiece.

I was fourteen when you started your opus, and I was close enough to my own hyper-imaginative childhood to connect at a visceral level. My youthful imaginary friends were still fresh in my mind, and my current imaginary friends were just taking hold, and your strip gave me something to relate to, someone to cheer for, a place where it was okay to turn dreary realties of the world into exciting fantasies and be proud of that ability all at the same time. It was also a fabulous way to relax my brain (though not too much) amidst all the literature I was devouring at a frightening rate.

But I have a request. Now that I am forty, and I have a precocious little Calvin of my own making explosive sounds with his mouth as he blows up his LEGO creations (as I write this, in fact), and my little Calvin’s twin sister, who happens to be a lot like Susie, I would love it if you came out of retirement and gave us just one year of Calvin and Hobbes and Son (or Daughter). I want to see where Calvin is now. I want to see Calvin as a Dad, and I want his son (or daughter) with a beaten up, super ratty, devilish-as-ever Hobbes. But I don't want this comic to be about the kids, I want it to be about Calvin. I want to see how well Calvin was able to fight off his indoctrination; I imagine he’s one of those rare folks who didn’t join the mainstream, who somehow continued to live on his own terms, but my imagination aside, I am dying to see what he became for you. Please, please, please come back, Bill. We could all use a bit of Calvin again.

I know that my request will never reach you, and that, if it did, you'd probably never even consider the possibility, but I know you could do the "parenting thing" better than all your peers, just as you did the "kid thing" better than anyone else.

So I'll just leave you with the firmest, most heartfelt thank you that I have in me: thank you for that little corner of joy you carved into my world. I’ll never forget it, and late at night, when I am dipping my peanut butter and jelly into my hot chocolate, I’ll have one of my Calvin and Hobbes books open so that I can stain the pages with the purple of some yummy Welch’s grape jelly. Just as Calvin would.

Brad Simkulet
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message 1: by Jacob (last edited Aug 07, 2011 10:14AM) (new)

Jacob Didn't you hear? Calvin grew up to become the narrator from Fight Club.

That's probably not the sequel you were looking for...

Brad I can see that. Hobbes as Tyler Durden. Sweet.

message 3: by Amber (last edited Aug 07, 2011 02:32PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amber Tucker Silly Brad! It's not Welch's grape jelly. It's puréed worm sauce. How do you expect your kids to trade their lunch if you give them the example of such blasé sandwich fillings?

Brad I leave the worms to Te. She provides the example for us all.

Amber Tucker Thank goodness for her. Someone has to do it.

message 6: by mark (new)

mark monday wonderful review for a wonderful comic strip!

Brad Thank you, kind sir.

Agastya M i must agree that calvin and hobes is an amazing book i have read all of the boks and i started when i was 6 and finished when i was 10 and bill has the.patience to constantly draw the same boy over and over again

message 9: by Anoushka (new)

Anoushka C something calles technology

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