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Keeper of the Grail by Michael P. Spradlin
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Jul 30, 2011

This is a very good book and it sure is a cliffhanger.

I enjoyed reading about the young Tristan, who was left at the doorstep of a monastery when he was just a baby with a note explaning that it was for his own safety.

15 years later a group of Templar Knights comes to the monastery to spend the night and young Tristan meets Sir Thomas Leux and becomes his squire suddenly on the way to the Holy Land called "Outremer".

He experiences hate from the horrible Sir Hugh, battles, escape from Saladins army when it runs over the city of Acre, meeting the former Kings Archer Robard Hode, born in Sherwood Forest near the shire of Nottingham and Maryam, a member of the deadly Al Hashshashin (The Assassins),when the boys are on the way to the city Tyr to escape back to England (going the wrong direction).

Tristan because he's on a mission which he was handed by Sir Thomas and Robard because he's finished with his tour of war with King Lionheart, which he actually hates because he's fighting a loosing battle in "Outremer".

And Maryam joins the boys because she's just about to loose her life to the big coward Sir Hugh.

I'm looking forward to reading the second book, just to see what happens to Tristan.

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