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Globalization by Bruce C.N. Greenwald
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Jul 29, 2011

it was ok

Extremely weak book even if it makes some relevant points here and there. The premise for most part is simple: most economies are local economies and are influenced only at the margin by global forces. Whether one agrees strongly with this or not, the examples given to prove this are laughably trivial most of the times and too irrelevant at others. The author makes no effort to balance the arguments on the other side and appears to willfully stay away from topics that would contradict the basic conclusions.

However, it is towards the end that the book becomes almost painful. The book takes the tone that since things existed in certain ways, they were right. That everything in the world pre-2008 (when the book was written) existed for good and they implied that any theory that tried to prove all could go wrong were wrong.

Even without hindsight, the book appears totally absurd. It is akin to someone writing a book in mid-eighties praising everything Japanese (something this book vehemently criticizes). Essentially, the book creates its own strawmen to bring down initially and falls prey to arrogantly taking pride in US successes until the point. It misses balanced analysis and assumes that every system outside the US is sort of stupid.
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