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A-Ma Alchemy of Love by Nataša Pantović
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it was amazing
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Loved this deep and intriguing novel!Back into the 17th century, gliding through Amas life, exploring the wisdom of China (such a fascinating culture) and multi-leveled dimensional stories of Reuben, the man with no name, tales of Macau, A-Ma goddess, Father Benedict, and Lilith was a very special experience. Within my own life I already had a fascination with Chinese I Jing, Feng Shui, the Chinese most fascinating character writing, so I found my own sanctuary within the setting of Nuit-s 17th century story. An uproar of wisdom that can not be contained by religious dogmas, I was re-incarnated within such a complex setting working with enlightened minds of the time. I felt that this is exactly what Nuit wanted us to do, take an active role, worship the Temple of Ama, return to own quest to follow the river to its ocean, become one of many that instigates the change. Beautifully written, with a strong spiritual message, I also deeply connected to the alchemy thread within the story. I am very blessed that I had a chance to come across Nuit-s work at the time my focus is within further understanding of Yin and Yang balance, within the understanding of Kundalini, understanding of Goddess, and our, Christians (but also humanity) focus with suffering.Ama and her friends, lovers, family told me a story of "change", story of "alchemy", story of "transformation" and the book has a deep message for every day of the journey. Yet this is not a book for all. The special, who have the opportunity to come across it, will understand all the levels of the story and get in touch with the feminine eternal wisdom within. Must read!
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Quotes Elena Liked

Nataša Pantović
“On the surface of Life, you walk, talk, act, play but you live only when truly in contact with your Souls, you live only when truly sad, only when truly happy. Sadness and happiness are different faces of the same coin, different ways of understanding the same truth. The sadness though, also brings the self-destruction, it tortures minds, carrying diseases and sometimes darkness.”
Natasa Pantovic Nuit, A-Ma Alchemy of Love

Nataša Pantović
“There are many paths leading to One. These herbs carry within their fragile essence a secret of Life, Universe, Creation, and the secrets of Enlightenment. We all carry the Truth within, and every drop of water, every flower, every man intuitively knows it, no matter what the path we choose to follow is.”
Natasa Pantovic Nuit, A-Ma Alchemy of Love

Nataša Pantović
“As long as the belief is: we need suffering to grow, the world will be suffering and the belief will be limiting.”
Natasa Pantovic Nuit, A-Ma Alchemy of Love

Nataša Pantović
“Materialized in a female body, with a life of an ordinary person, through centuries, She ascends to meet the ones that are ready for Her, that call Her, that have a wish to understand. She is the personification of the Universal Mother. She lives Love and Clarity and She dies at Will, when She decides that it is time to go. Her name is Ama.”
Natasa Pantovic Nuit, A-Ma Alchemy of Love

Nataša Pantović
“The spectrum of possibilities is vast and our souls long to incorporate as many as they can... We are in a constant process of learning how to think, behave, or act understanding the manifestations of Tao, the manifestation of Qi within us.”
Natasa Pantovic Nuit, A-Ma Alchemy of Love

Nataša Pantović
“Her name, said the Oracle, will this time be Ama, a female that sleeps in every one of us, Yin of Creation, a wisdom guide that with her purity extinguishes thirst for spiritual longings. She is the one that stands on a crescent moon with stars in her hair, pouring water from jars of her soul into lakes of emotions, awakening compassion for humankind and its Chaos, nourishing Earth and Her constant renewal.”
Natasa Pantovic Nuit, A-Ma Alchemy of Love

Nataša Pantović
“Within the earth’s womb each metal grows slowly developing and transforming into its perfection, its highest manifestation – gold. Nature and God are striving towards perfection, everything moves towards One. Just as human strive to become fully conscious, so all the metals strive to reach their purest state – gold.”
Natasa Pantovic Nuit, A-Ma Alchemy of Love

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