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it was ok

Stillness was a kind of violence in the hands of people who played at handing out pain.

This was the typical YA fantasy book that you see everywhere else. It's got similar plot twists, similar heroine's and hero's, the typical romance, the action that is set somewhere, the similar settings - it's all similar - but it's also something I don't get tired of. Elly Blake actually managed to make me laugh, smile, scream inside, and basically cover my mouth as the ending was coming because it was something I didn't expect.

Frostblood is about Ruby, a 17-year-old who is a Fireblood living in a world of Frostbloods so just by knowing that, the reader knows that Ruby doesn't get along with her people because they are either different than her, are her enemies, or are afraid of her powers. One day, soldiers come looking for this Fireblood to kill her because they want to get rid of Fireblood's as soon as they can - since it's been happening for quite some time now and there are really no Fireblood's left - and once they find Ruby and her mother, Ruby knows she has to do something to run away. Because Ruby doesn't know how to use her gift, how to control her fire abilities, her mother ends up defending her when a soldier was about to kill her and ends up dying, leaving Ruby alone and is taken away to a prison cell. Days later, 2 strangers arrive where Ruby is and offer her something she doesn't think she could regret: kill the Frost King and she will earn freedom. Hearing the word freedom is all Ruby could think about, so she agrees to do the task she is offered, but the thing is, she doesn't know what her task is and doesn't really realize what she just got herself into until seeing it. Arcus, one of the people who carried her out to escape and be taken away to train doesn't see her as anything but dangerous and is tired of having to need because he believes in what they have told him: that the Fireblood is the key to peace.

Ruby begins training at this different place with people that are nothing like her and little did she know that she would be able to trust some of these people, and even fall in love with the "icy young man." As she begins this train, Ruby is actually taken away to another cell but instead of staying there suffering, she is forced to fight and battle in the pit of the Frostblood King against Frostbloods when she is a Fireblood. Ruby, being forced to become stronger than she thought she was, starts gaining this powerful strength delivered from the light (or darkness) and doesn't realize what she can do until after. This might just be her chance to complete the task and kill the ruthless ruler and get revenge and what he has done to her.

Frostblood wasn't new. Like I said, it was the typical YA fantasy that has sights of romance and a new ship that may or may not sink which is making me scream inside because I ended up shipping Arcus and Ruby. The fantasy elements are the same ones you would see in other books, like Red Queen and Snow like Ashes. I admit I don't get tired of it. I understand the hate an author can get because readers think they are basically copying another work of another author and making it theirs in ways, changing the plot, the world-building, the characters, the fantasy elements - changing everything - but then, I really don't care. I'm here reading a book and I'm entertained. I like it, I finish it, and maybe I'll cry.

But I didn't hate Frostblood, I merely enjoyed it.

The characters were okay. The world-building was okay. Everything was okay. In fantasy books, I can never relate to characters and see where they're coming from, and Ruby was no different. She was the typical heroine that has a gift she doesn't know how to use unless she gets trained. Arcus was the typical hero in the story that has a secret past (dark or not) that reveals it later but to be honest, it's kind of obvious in Part 1 of the story. (view spoiler) Ruby was quite boring, I admit, but at least she managed to fight well enough to survive and live, and to become the champion of the king! The typical things we see in YA fantasy novels like Throne of Glass. Her abilities improved, which reminded me of Mare from Red Queen and I was quite happy she did because she was really boring at first that I couldn't really care about her. Ruby wasn't that strong, but she managed to survive in the battle and she even made history (view spoiler)

When I come to think of it, 2 stars is what this deserves from me. I kind of agree with Emily May and her review, where you see such similarities when you're reading this and all you get are vibes from other books. I'm not the biggest fan of fantasy myself, but this was quite bland and unoriginal. Arcus has his dark past/secret past that he reveals in the end and it wasn't surprising. I've said this quite some times now, but I am not the kind of person that will predict something when it comes to a book. I try my best to not think about what will happen next because I want to find out (which is the point of reading) but in Frostblood, it was so obvious.

Arcus now, was someone I ended up loving when I hated him at first. I hated his attitude in the beginning and did not agree with the way he would treat Ruby, but then he managed to change a little because she changed him in ways. Yes, they are cute together, and I was so happy to read moments of them together after they shared their kiss, but it wasn't surprising where I was just left shocked and/or surprised. I was just rooting for them and was hoping they would end up together. Arcus was the typical aggressive hero in books, which is the type I like, depending on how they are and I can see why he was an "asshole" to Ruby at first. I loved how he was a warrior and he acted like one, he spoke like a nobleman, he would fight when he needed to, and he was there for his people, including Ruby, when he knew they needed him. He would also care for his people and would treat them with such care and I just loved that so much. I loved him, I really did, I just hated him in the beginning because he was so harsh with Ruby when she was just learning about her gift; how to use it, how to control it. Of course, his character grew on me and although I didn't swoon, the way he would act around Ruby and smile or grin was just so cute and it always made me smile.

Arcus was one of the characters that I can spend all day talking about how much I love him. (view spoiler) I want him and Ruby to be together throughout the whole trilogy and it makes me sad because I sense a love triangle in the second book and I really don't want that. I don't want Ruby to go for another guy when it might just be her worst choice when she already has the perfect guy there, loving her and caring for her and waiting for her. He's a dark warrior who trained her and fell for her and basically offered his life for her after he makes sure she is safe in the city. What more could Ruby possibly want?? Arcus is precious, strong, and I love him. He changed for the best and he's weak when it comes to Ruby and I love that. I admit I don't rate books with half stars, but this book deserves 2 1/2 stars because I've come to the point where I realize that I love Arcus despite the hate I had for him in the beginning. I just need more Arcus and Ruby moments and if Blake doesn't give me that, I will be very disappointed and I will be a ranty bitch about it in my review for the second book.

(view spoiler)

Now back to things that I didn't like - Ruby's power was also weak, and I was upset how she couldn't become stronger before (view spoiler) The way she trained and tried was just boring, bland, dull, and she was just a boring character in general. I'm probably complaining too much about her, but it's true. I wish she was able to control it more and was able to gain more strength from her training. When it came to her mother's death, I expected her to literally become a ball of flames or just explode into fire or something and kill soldiers. The book started off with her practicing her powers so I thought she would know something, or a little more than what she already knew, so like in other novels, I thought she was gonna get strength from seeing her dead mother; the one who gave her strength and accepted her no matter who she was but instead, she was just so weak. You know those books where the hero or heroine cry so hard because they are seeing a loved one die, just fall away, and as they are crying out tears, they get strength from it? Like they're seeing this person die in their arms, they're seeing this important person fade away and they know they will never see them again, and suddenly they just explode because they are taking something or someone so special from their life so they let out all of their anger and everything just...EXPLODES!?! Well, I expected that from Ruby.

But I didn't get it.

Instead, she was taken away and was locked up in that prison cell that she managed to survive.

The plot twist was not surprising. It was predictable, which like I said, is something I usually don't get, but it was there. The world-building was also okay. The plot twist can be seen since Arcus reveals some of his personality. He was called (view spoiler) I was actually glad he was secretly falling for Ruby and the nicknames he had for her were just so cute, like his little inferno, but I just wasn't satisfied with everything. There isn't really much romance until around 100 pages, which I was completely fine with because that is completely normal in pretty much all books that have romance in it. Frostblood is the kind of novel that has 2 main characters that go from enemies to lovers and I loved that. I love the kind of books that form a well-developed relationship like that, and this didn't fail to do that. No matter how long it takes, I am here for that ship, and I will live for that ship. I also recommend not reading the description for the second book because there are minor spoilers from this book.

Another thing I did enjoy was how the Brother's had patience with Ruby. They were supportive of her and believed in her, unlike Arcus in the beginning, and I was happy about that. I was happy she had people by her side and I was happy she was able to call them friends. Even if they weren't considered friends, they felt like friends when they were together. Reading those chapters made me happy because Ruby realized a lot of things about her that she didn't know.

(view spoiler)

Overall, Frostblood was an okay book. I was debating whether or not this book deserves 2 or 3 stars, but I skimmed some pages and I hated most of the beginning; Ruby wasn't an interesting character and she wasn't the kind of heroine that I enjoy reading about; It took me a while to get used to Arcus' character only to completely fall in love with him. I did say I laughed - Elly blake did manage to make me laugh - but it was Arcus' attitude toward Ruby (although I felt bad). If you're just starting to read YA Fantasy, this would be a good start. If you enjoyed Red Queen. I'm sure you'll enjoy this one. If you didn't, I would still recommend it because I have some friends who enjoyed this one and completely disliked Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.
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Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛ "MY HEART!"

Only two stars

Lol what

message 2: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Leek Gonna have to see the review tomorrow to see why.

Elena Elizabeth♛ Everyone Else Has a Super Long Name With a Symbol So I Might as Well Do it Too♛ wrote: ""MY HEART!"

Only two stars

Lol what"


Elena Thomas wrote: "Gonna have to see the review tomorrow to see why."

it's up!

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛ Honestly after reading this review I get the feeling I won't really like this book, but I'm still going to read it anyway.

message 6: by Elena (last edited Feb 26, 2017 06:07AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Elena Elizabeth♛ Everyone Else Has a Super Long Name With a Symbol So I Might as Well Do it Too♛ wrote: "Honestly after reading this review I get the feeling I won't really like this book, but I'm still going to read it anyway."

try it! also, my friend amber rated crooked kingdom 2 stars "TWO STARS FOR THE COMPLETELY UNCALLED FOR EVENT IN THIS BOOK." so my heart for me has 2 definitions:

"my heart" is full and happy and satisfied
"my heart" has been hurt and i am upset

and the ending made my heart happy but the book itself was boring

Sophie "Beware Of The Reader" Too bad it's not been better for you Maggie because I would buy the book only for the cover LOl

Elena Sophie "Beware Of The Reader" wrote: "Too bad it's not been better for you Maggie because I would buy the book only for the cover LOl"

the cover is beautiful, but i always regret choosing books based on it's cover.

message 9: by Clumsy Storyteller (last edited Feb 26, 2017 12:13PM) (new)

Clumsy Storyteller Sophie "Beware Of The Reader" wrote: "Too bad it's not been better for you Maggie because I would buy the book only for the cover LOl"

Lol i buy books based on the cover too .. God, we're shallow. i don't regret it tho :D

Elena Maria wrote: "Awesome review Maggie! Hope your next read is better!"

Thank you Maria!

Elena Khadidja wrote: "Sophie "Beware Of The Reader" wrote: "Too bad it's not been better for you Maggie because I would buy the book only for the cover LOl"

Lol i buy books based on the cover too .. God, we're shallow...."

sometimes i do, but then it's something i'm used to doing.

message 12: by R (new)

R K If you're interested, you should check out the Leviathan Series by Scott Westerfeld. It's my favorite series in the entire world and it doesn't follow the typical YA plot at all. It's really original and the character relationships are well developed. Not to mention there are also illustrations throughout the book.

message 13: by R (new)

R K Also, the audiobook is so great!

Elena R wrote: "If you're interested, you should check out the Leviathan Series by Scott Westerfeld. It's my favorite series in the entire world and it doesn't follow the typical YA plot at all. It's really origin..."

I'm not really into audiobooks but I will look into the series. Thank you!

sreeja (hiatus) same mags i just enjoyed it i didnt like it :// well this book was underwhelming

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