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Blood of the Demon by Rosalie Lario
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Jul 28, 2011

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2.5 Stars

Keegan and his brothers have been sent to earth to find and stop their demon father before he raises an army of the dead. In order to do this they'll need to locate a lost book and the last remaining decedent of it's creator. Once Brynn is found, an instant attraction if formed and Keegan may be forced to choose between the woman he cares for and the only chance to stop a madman from taking over all worlds.

Brynn Meyers has known she has special abilities since she was a young child but never understood where they came from. Keegan and his brothers finally shed light on its origins but not all news is good news. They also inform her that she's the key to figuring out how to make a zombie army using the Book of the Dead. Now she's on the run and trying to stay one step ahead of a demon, who happens to be Keegan's father, and his minions. I didn't care for Brynn at all. Her character was boring and too passive. Keegan would put her in a locked room or drag her from one place to another and she'd barely put up a fight or argue with him. I wanted her to have more of a backbone for what she is but it just wasn't there. She's an easily forgettable heroine.

Keegan and his brothers were abused by their father so his mission to stop him is personal. As he spends more time with Brynn, his priorities change from stopping his father to protecting Brynn at all costs. A lot of time is spent on him fighting his feelings for Brynn and I really didn't care for any of that because I was invested in the outcome of their relationship at all. I didn't feel any real emotional connection between them and even the scenes where they were physical lacked any real spark.

The relationship that I did love was the one Keegan had with his 3 half brothers. Their father abused them in order to make them into the men he wanted them to be and through it all they banded together and finally escaped. They were there for each other when no one else was and even though they have the usual brotherly spats, their relationship is solid and part of what kept me reading.

The other thing I liked was the worlds and creatures author Rosalie Lario came up with. There are different species, from dragons to demons to angels, living on different worlds and alternate dimensions and they are watched over by the Elden Council, a governing body made up of members from a variety of worlds. The details weren't overwhelming but rather just enough to peek my interests and be one of the few reasons I would consider continuing this series.

Blood of the Demon wasn't terrible but it wasn't all that great either. I had major issues with the heroine and Keegan didn't really wow either. I was more interested in the relationship he had with his brothers than the one he had with Brynn. The plot was kind of interesting interesting and the villain was particularly vile but the pace of the book would be dragged down by scenes of Keegan fighting his feelings for Brynn. Learning about the different species did pick things back up again but I can't say if it was enough to guarantee I'd be back for the second installment in this series.
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