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Bringing Nothing to The Party by Paul Bradley Carr
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Jul 28, 2011

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Wry, self-deprecating account of Paul Carr's experiences as a dotcom 2.0 journo/entrepreneur/hanger-on/ligger(1).

Often very funny, albeit that the style seems a bit derivative and Charlie Brookeresque at times.(2) The author seems to have spent quite a lot of the time being offhandedly rude to someone and then realising later on that the someone could make a big difference to his career. How he describes these incidents is funny and entertaining, just like it is when a pub raconteur starts off "you'll never guess what a dick I made of myself...". But it isn't as entertaining, I find, when the raconteur launches into what is basically the same story, in almost the same words, for a third or fourth time. This book is guilty of the same thing. It's not a fatal weakness, it's still great fun, but maybe if someone had proof-read it a bit more thoroughly(3) they'd have suggested cutting/rewriting 20 or 30 pages. Would have made for a better book.

(1) all perfectly honourable, and fun, things to be - which comes across vividly and amusingly

(2)... and often with little sarcastic footnotes

(3)the author's sex life was really of no interest at all either.


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