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Sandworms of Dune by Brian Herbert
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Mar 31, 2008

did not like it
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Read in December, 2011

I did it, I finished this book, after it sat on the shelf for 3 years with a bookmark stuck in at page 202. Maybe I should say "mired." And all I'd like to say is


Seriously, god. It was like the last season of Lost with the fucking waiting room. Alex Krycek and Scully's miraculous alien baby. The Gilligan movies. Joey getting his own show...


I'm guessing Baby Herbert (or more likely "I'll blast it with my superweapon that I JUST DISCOVERED IN MARY SUE'S SEKRIT POCKET" KJA) didn't actually read any of Frank's books, or is simply incapable of understanding the complexity of concept regarding power, fanaticism and fear-mongering.

I know, I know, I'm a completionist, and maybe a wee bit of a fiction masochist.

It had its moments, although at this moment, I can't think of one.

I'm still probably going to read Sisterhood, and I'll just hope against all logic, that I recognize my beloved Bene Gesserit.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 08, 2011 09:25AM) (new)

I haaaaaaaaaaaate both Mr J. Anderson and Herbert the Lesser's books. I read too many of these latter day abominations on the hope that maybe the Lesser would tap into his Dad's greatness.

Stacey Latter day abominations, HA! I'm totally stealing that.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Just...ugh...whyyyyyyyyy? I was so excited that someone would finish what Older Herbert started in the last two books of the Dune series...there was so much potential...and then...whyyyyyyy?

I admit, as an older reader, that those books weren't as great as my young self fancied, but still. They deserved a better capstone than this.

Stacey I still adore Dune beyond measure, and love Chapterhouse too, damn the cliffhanger. This... this was just crap. It makes me sad. When I wrote this review 3 days ago, I charitably gave it 2 stars, but I've been walking around actually thinking about how crappy it was, so it loses a star just for interrupting my sunny disposition.


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