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Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers
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Jul 28, 2011

really liked it
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Read from January 27 to February 19, 2012

3.5- Team Chris

Sooooo I wrote this long review then pressed that back button by mistake. :-(

This will be a summary of that now. I thought it was a very good read hence the 4 star rating but I don't know if I actually personally enjoyed the story so the 3.5.

Parker was a straight b* and I sorta loved it. Maybe because I had/sometimes have that urge to say the rude things that flow through my mind, especially while I was in high school. It came out some in college, but I care about appearances and people's feelings. I related to mainly the old her in a lot of aspects. I always was that perfectionist. Even cheered in school, did the popularity bit. But it does get tiring And you can't always tell people how you really feel b/c you're expected to be a certain way... Majority of me is too nice and caring to be anywhere near new Parker's level.

Parker is that eat shit and die type tough, wall/barrier 10ft deep. And it's sort of a refreshing change from all the wimpy female characters in the YA world. One where a love of "the one" will save them from a boring or cruel world. We females don't need to cry over men; we can juggle them. We're more than pretty faces and boobs. And we an be cutthroat. Parker's meanness was just really really really mean. But it could've been a lot worst if you think about it. It was tons of petty things and defense mechanisms. The people around her were extremely too kind to put up with her though and I highly doubt they'd be that persistent/observant in real life.

Though it was never really a triangle, I started and ended the story Team Chris. Maybe it's the history. But their connection seemed deeper. Jake was a cool character. Persistent. But something about them seemed lacking. And thinking about how bff him and Chris became and how well they clicked for being so similar, Parker might as well have the prototype. And the whole double date hang out thing while 2 of the party members were outside talking and the other inside laughing together had it in my head that they actually should switch... Neither boy was swoon worthy (not even close) and that made me a little sad. I enjoy fanning myself (face) due to a figment of my imagination's greatness. Ooohing and awwwing. Guess it wasn't meant to be.

The whole mystery about the past situation built well. It's definitely more than you expect. Well, at least more than I did. Probably b/c I read it throughout the night in one sitting. I did skip through most of the retelling right to the bottom of the new stuff. There's no need to re-post the entire sequence. Multiple times.

Maybe it's the crazy in me but if someone is pushing that hard to be alone, I'd like to see how they'd react with it. Parker had this big ole master plan, but I never got the feeling she'd know what to do with herself after accomplishing her goals. She'd backslide or be open too many times.

I actually wanted everyone to end up doing their own thing. They all got together because of Parker. Trying to get through to her or her get away from them, so I feel perfect end game would be everyone walking into the sunset focusing on themselves.

random rant complete... this looks longer and way more sporadic than my first review. and possibly tons of spelling/grammar mistakes that I will leave be b/c this will be the tired out of my mind while writing on your phone review. this is what reading in 1 sitting will do to you!
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