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Dark Needs at Night's Edge by Kresley Cole
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Jul 27, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: contemporary, paranormal, werewolves, vampires

This is another series that I’m behind on reading, and I hate being behind on this one because I have loved every single word of it so far. Ms. Cole has a knack for writing the type of heroes that I adore. Alpha. To the core. But with enough sensitivity to savor love when it comes their way. If I had nothing but Kresley Cole books to read, I’d be pretty damn happy all the time.

The only thing I’m unhappy about is I read the first three books so long ago, I don’t remember things as clearly as I’d like when I came across them in this book. But that doesn’t take away much from a book when the writing is this good. It goes without saying that I absolutely loved Conrad. Talk about a tortured hero. His childhood is terrible, at the brink of death turned into a vampire by his oldest brother, he is now the very creature that he’d learned to hate and hunt. Centuries later he’s nearly insane, memories from those he’s killed by drinking from their veins dogging his every waking moment.

His brothers have been searching for him for hundreds of years, wanting nothing more than to help him regain his life and his sanity. Capturing him at last they have him holed up in the abandoned home of a twentieth century Hollywood legend who died there. And now she haunts the place, has for the last eighty years. Eventually Néomi runs off any who live in her home. However, she’s now been alone for quite a while so she is ecstatic when Conrad and his brothers take up residence. She’s also stunned when she realizes Conrad is able to see and hear her.

Of course, Conrad believes his insanity is only getting worse when he sees the lovely apparition while he waits for his mind and body to calm and return to as normal as possible. His brothers have assured him he can live without the need to kill when he feeds. The more he interacts with his beautiful ghost, he hopes that is true. But he has other troubles in the guise of a couple of demons who would do him harm, so he must take care of them before moving on with his life. It seems Néomi is not his bride, though he wants nothing more than to be with her. He will do what it takes to keep her safe and just maybe she’ll want him to stay.

These two enjoy a fun and loving relationship even before Néomi gets her second chance at life. Once that happens things change, of course; Conrad is blooded, their relationship goes to the next level, and the action takes off. Not all turns out the way either Conrad or Néomi hope for, but what a great reason to bring in characters we know and love from the previous books. Ms. Cole kept me enthralled for all 384 pages of this book, never letting up once.

No wonder I keep going back for more.

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