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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
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Jul 27, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: why-did-i-read-this, series, omgcreeper, just-awful, my-eyes-they-bleed
Recommended to Jennifer Lee by: No one, I took it upon myself to read this. I'm independent that way.
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This is a review for all the books, cause honestly I can't be bothered to write a review for all of them individually. I hate giving books a 1 star rating, but Twilight has given me no choice.

The things I loathe hate about this series are:


She is the complete opposite to what I look for in a main character. Not to mention that throughout the whole series she doesn't grow or change in any way. She's whiny, and I felt like she was a joke. It's like "Oh Bella, your so clumsy! Look at you slipping in ice and getting hit by vehicles! You're so adrable!"


It's really not cute, endearing, sweet, or anything of the sort. Like my god, she has NO personality! NONE! =/

I don't know if this was Meyers intent or not, but the Twilight series just says "You are nothing unless you have a man to take care of you and protect you." She literally turns into an EMOTIONLESS ZOMBIE when he leaves her, even though they only knew each other a few months. WHAT THE FUCK!??!



-Also boring

Are people for real? They find this character attractive?!


He tells Bella what she can and can't do, he stalks her and watches her sleep, he's old and dead and not even remotely attractive. If a guy ever told me that I can't visit a friend if I want because it's "dangerous" (btw, wtf is up with that double standard? Edward wants to eat her, but spending time with a werewolf is less dangerous?) I'd bitch slap his ass.

The whole point of all 4 books is that they can't be without each other so he keeps putting her in harms way. There is nothing else that happens! This is how I felt the whole time reading:


I know my review is full of pictures, but there are so many deliciously funny twilight pictures I couldn't help myself.

I couldn't stand the ending of the series. Bitch please, that shit ain't fair. She suffered and lost NOTHING. In the end she gets Edward, she gets married, she gets a baby, she gets to become a vampire, AND she gets Charlie. There was no "Wow, after everything she went through, she really deserves this!" moment. Like come on Stephanie, couldn't you have killed off one or two characters so we could at least have that? I mean, her mom is a selfish bitch anyways, no one would miss her.


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