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Black City by Elizabeth  Richards
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did not like it

Why was this book ever published?
It was terrible, it was absolutely horrific.
Honestly, it was just eye-rolling, tacky-romance, flimsy-character, terrible-writing, terrible. Like, who even authorized this book?

First of all, it was like insta-romance. "Omg, a DARKLING! Must resist!"

I couldn't even FINISH it. What I read sums up to this:

Ash: I don't deserve to be loved. I am super broody and really hostile and a total jerk. But I've got my reasons.

Natalie: This boy intrigues me. What is this feeling that I am feeling? Why am I so attracted to him?

Ash: I can't get her out of my head ... she is so different. She is so strange.

Natalie: *touches Ash*

Ash: *heart starts to flutter* *can't stop thinking about Natalie*

Natalie: *barely knows him* Hm, you're so handsome and dark. It's totally forbidden... but it's true love, so it must be right.

Ash: OMG she made my heart beat. That must mean ...

Natalie: I have a crush of Ash... he's so mysterious but also totally sweet under that dark mask.

Ash: You are ... *dramatic, because he's so in love* my BloodMate

Natalie: OMG I knew all along in my heart, I love you so much!

Ash: It was so meant to be. You are my heart, I love you so much.

(Me: WTF?)

Natalie: *is forced to make decision between best friend and guy she just met*

Ash: ...

Natalie: I CHOOSE ASH BECAUSE I LOVE HIM *ignores the 'but it's forbidden' protests* I DON'T CARE IF IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

Ash: Oh, Natalie, I love 'oo so much ... you're so sweet ...

Natalie: *smiles*

(Me: WTF?)

Then I slammed the book shut. And I thought, What kind of world are we living in — or rather, are Natalie and Ash living in?
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