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Rotters by Daniel Kraus
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Jul 27, 2011

liked it

The writing—the only reason for the three-stars—was freakin' great! The story—one that started so promising—left me feeling like a deflated balloon. You know, deflated "things" are not a good thing when you're supposed to be excited about something.

This book had all the elements for a entertaining story, too, but in the end, for me, I'd rather have been in a grave than to have read this book if I knew the outcome. If it wasn't for the stellar writing, I would have put this book down at about the halfway point. Really though, the dark concepts and the book being based around grave-robbing, no less, with also stellar writing, I thought for sure I'd LOVE this book. This book had a multitude of the right elements, such as the creepy character aka the bad-guy(who sucked in the end, in my opinion). It was also a coming-of-age tale that involved: vengeance, the highs and lows of friendships, high school(enough said), innocent crushes, the grieving of loved ones and lost friendships and cadavers!

What's not to like about all that stuff?

I think the direction it took at about the halfway point, like I mentioned earlier, just went a direction I couldn't totally invest myself in. I was with Joey, initially, through his loss of his mother, the loss of his best-friend due to moving from Chicago to Iowa with his Dad he has never known prior, I was with him through the shaky(that's putting it lightly) beginnings with his father, the enormous growing-pains of starting a new school in a small-town where the people and the ideas are radically different from his native High School, the horrifying bullying, the reputation of his father throughout his peers. I was there with him completely. I felt his immense pain. Wanted to pull him out the book and give him a hug and say: everything is going to be OK. But again, about halfway or two-thirds through, even though I understood his reasons for going the direction he went, I effin didn't care For Joey, the odd people he crossed paths with, his odd ways of seeing things and I really didn't give a hot-damn about the way he ended this very bizarre novel, either. Don't get me wrong, it worked and it concluded it, but remember what I said up above? When done, I felt like a deflated balloon or a woman who's eyes say: that's it?? I wanted to bury Joey in a grave at this time and take back my hug and sympathy for him. That bastard! What was I to expect, right? This novel was based around grave-robbing, it wasn't Mary-fuckin'-Poppins(sp?)...

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