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Gemina by Amie Kaufman
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Feb 08, 2017

it was amazing
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Hello my name is DEAD WITH THE AWESOME OF THIS FANTASTIC NOVEL. It's a long name but one I feel is necessary because omggggg so so so so so good. SO GOOD!! SO SO very very good. And obviously it was going to be because of the glorious gift to this universe that is Illuminae. Although I will admit I like Illuminae best still. Way more AIDAN there who is obviously my favourite thing in the universe and whom I will love until the sun ne'er rises again.

Anyway. This book = a perfect sequel. It has everything I demand from sequels including: new interesting characters, surprising plot twists, freaktastic creatures that want to kill you all, very high stakes, blood and guts and all those things, d e a d. t h i n g s, oh and fRIKKIN PLOT TWISTS THAT BLEW MY MIND.


I don't want to give away too much about the book, but just so you know it's narrated by different characters to Illuminae. Now we have Hanna and Nik. And like I was worried? Becuase how could I love anyone as much as I loved Kady/Ezra. BUT I DO. Hanna acts like a precious princess of fluff and brattiness to begin with...but she is a box of surprises. A lovely box. The best kind of box. She's so BADASS and is also pretty, likes nice things, makes heart eyes around her crush when she journals about him, and can SLAY YOU because her dad brought her up on military tactics for breakfast.

And Nik??? NIK IS LIKE MY FAVOURITE LITTLE MUSHROOM EVER. He's an absolute bad boy with a heart of gold which could've been an annoying cliche -- but 1000% was NOT. He's part of a Mafia family and he has a TRAGIC BACKSTORY™ and he's 98% sass and snark and inappropriate jokes. He's absolute trash for Hanna and it's hilarious and also pathetic but hilarious. And he loves his little cousin so so much. Bless. So basically I am a huge fan of Nik and every time something bad happened to him I turned into a toaster strudel left out in the rain. Translation: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. And obviously bad stuff happens to Nik all the time because he's precious.

NO wait. Bad stuff happens to everyone all the time because they're precious and these authors are the cruellest beans of the world and I love them.

So it does have a similar plot set up to Illuminae in that we have two teens who have to save a lot of people. This time they're at the wormhole jumpgate station thingie and it's under attack from terrorists (and I wooon't say more because #spoilers from Illuminae). So basically we have PSCYHO SOLDIERS SHOOTING AND KILLING AND CORRUPTING + Hanna and Nik trying to get people out and also, like, live + super creepy creatures in the walls that are sucking out your brains + Mafia + clever traps + traitors and betrayals + sassssss.

I only live for the sass in this series. The quips. The wit. The inappropriate jokes. <3 Yes please and thank you.

Oh well I also live for A.I.D.A.N's endless life crises about humanity and machinery because he's more angsty than a 15 year old teenager basically and I love him for it.

AND THE PLOT TWISTS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. Just saying. I think I lost my entire sanity at least 7 times. Maybe even 8. I don't have much sanity left, peoples, how am I going to get through Illuminae #3???? Speaking of which: that cliffhanger was nOT fair. In fact it was vERY uNKIND and I shall be sitting here quite peeved. I'm raging, luv. Absolutely raving. I want it to be time for Illuminae #3 already. Help me. help meeeee.

Oh and the art? The art was terrific. ALSO THE AUDIOBOOK WAS A+. So I actually listened to the audio and then I'd flick through the book as I went. Which was the best way to read because the audio sound effects are like watching a movie in your head (!!!) and then the art is also not to be missed. So do both, folks, this is one where you gotta do both. There's also one narrator who sounds slightly like Simon Pegg so in other news I have it in my head that Scotty from Star Trek is in this book. IDK mate. It happened.

ALL IN ALL: this is what a sequel should be!! It's gut wrenching and alarming and hyperventilatingly (not a word?? wut even sir) good. Although I tentatively say it's not as bad as Illuminae was for "hey my feels are dead and I can't breathe" realisations. BUT THERE ARE STILL TONS OF THEM HERE SO EXPECT YOUR FEELS TO BE MAULED. And I like how it went complicated science-y at the end because that's why I'm here folks. This is definitely one of my all time favourite series and I'm d e a d.
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Meghan Powers YAY

Shanti My order of this arrived yesterday! I need to read it!

Laili YESSSSSS!! I liked Illuminae better too, but this was an amazing sequel! Great review :)

Brianna Silva THIS BOOK WAS SO AMAZING. One of my favorite reads last year. ^_^ Seriously though, the authors are evil - evil I tell you!!!

Jazzy I need to read these books NOW before my heart is shredded to pieces and scattered all over my bedroom floor O.O

C.G. Drews These authors are evilly perfect.

message 7: by Cerine (new) - added it

Cerine My copy I ordered from Book Outlet is coming tomorrow. I am so,so excited. I was reading the library copy and I like it but "return within 14 days" is NOT my strong suit

C.G. Drews @Cereine: It's definitely the kind of book you want to own anyway!!

Michelle This review is freaking perfection!

Prabh⚔ OMG CAIT YOU FINALLY READ IT YAAYYY Plus I am also planning to read it soooonish (after I read all the scheduled ARCs lol and pass my finals)

Bee {Quite the Novel Idea} YAAASSSS I read this precious while listening to the audio too and it was the best experience of my life. Also did it in one day so. Best day ever. I make fantastic life decisions. Nik is the most precious.

kindling.pages YES. YES. 100000% YES. I LOVE THIS. AND THIS: "that cliffhanger was nOT fair. In fact it was vERY uNKIND and I shall be sitting here quite peeved." IS SO PERFECTLY ACCURATE LIKE ASDFGHJKL

Danielle Perez THIS REVIEW. u are the incarnation of ella. i'm here for it

message 14: by July (new) - rated it 5 stars

July C. B I love Illuminae soo much. I'm hoping to read Gemina soon, and your review make me wanna read it right now! I need to get the audiobook!

message 15: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia Girl! Reading this review makes me want to take a sick day and read it NOW! Problem is A) I don't own the book and B) my local library is too boring to own books as marvelous as these... I just loved Illuminae so I'm happy to see Gemina will be as wondeful!

message 16: by Ulla (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ulla Silvet I think reading your reviews might be better than reading the actual book ☺️

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