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More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera
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i did a long instagram post about what this re-read of this book meant, and i recently talked about it in a video. but GOD. what i said in my last review in so true. no book can ever match the personal connection this book has to me.

there are parts of aaron's identity that i cannot claim. i am neither puerto rican, nor did i grow up in a neighborhood like his. but i a gay person of color who is also a suicide attempt survivor. and aaron's journey with his sexuality is so similar to mine it is almost uncanny. this re-read of the book felt almost the most healing, maybe because it felt the most pertinent to where i am in my life right now.

i don't really want to go more in-depth with this here, because that would require me going more in-depth with my personal history which i do not wish to do on this platform, but just know this book means everything and more to me.

i truly do believe that adam silvera is one of the most talented authors currently in existence, and that we are so damn lucky to be alive at the same time as him. i believe he is an inspiration, and i believe that MHTN is a perfect example of why.
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TRIGGER WARNINGS: suicide, self-harm, death, assault, violence, homophobia (challenged), ableism (somewhat challenged)

More Happy Than Not is without a doubt the hardest book in the world for me to review because no book can ever match the personal connection this book has to me.

Sixteen-year old Aaron Soto is on the search for happiness, but this search is not an easy one. And this book is 300 pages of pure suffering, heartbreak, and pain.

A riveting #ownvoices novel featuring a gay latinx main character who is a recovering suicide attempt survivor, More Happy Than Not is truly applicable to everyone because it is about the search for happiness, a search all people can relate to. Though Aaron's journey is so centered in his gayness, any reader can substitute that gayness with their biggest struggle - and I think that accessibility is the true power of this novel.

There is an emotional connection Silvera puts into his writing that makes his work like no other. We often joke about how sad his books are, but in all that joking, I sometimes forget how that sadness and emotion is so powerful and can affect the reader in a multitude of ways.

Like I said at the beginning of this review, this is the hardest book in existence for me to review. And for me to truly express my opinions on it and how deeply I love it, I would have to delve into my personal story which I don’t plan to do on Goodreads.

All I can say is that no book will ever be More Happy Than Not for me, and I am so thankful that Adam was brave enough to put this book into the world.
Original Review:
Adam Silvera's writing is phenomenal. I am honestly astounded by how incredible this novel was. The characters were all so complex and full of depth, the plot was intriguing, the writing was downright phenomenal, and it is diverse! I was sucked into this novel during the first few pages due to Silvera's writing; however, little did I know the novel was only going to continue to improve. How Silvera managed to come up with such a complex and well-thought out plotline is something I am yet to discover, but am so grateful for. This book will send you through a series of emotions, some wanting you to hug it, some leaving you in tears, some making you want to hurl it at the wall, but it is all so worth it. Go. Read. It.
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