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Spotless by Camilla Monk
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Geeky-ish, romance-reading protagonist? OCD killer-love interest? Mystery? Romance? Humor? Action? Paris? Tokyo? Let's goooooo~~~~

I keep on going back between thinking this book is realllly cute and thinking it's realllly creepy. It’s most likely both. This book is not afraid to go there. I was honestly expecting this book to be more of a cutesie, funny, romantic mystery – and it does have some cute scenes, some funny scenes, some romantic scenes, and mystery (I mean LOOK AT THAT COVER - it looks so cute and innocent! And PG!). However, what I wasn’t expecting was that some serious shit actually happens in this book too. The protagonist gets kidnapped multiple times, gets tied down naked on a table (and touched) by one of the antagonists, gets slapped by rough men, etc. etc. And besides that, people are dying left and right, creepers are everywhere, one guy almost gets his balls cut off , and as I’m reading all of this, I’m just like, “WHOA WHOA. This book is fuckin’ crazy!” It definitely has a mixture of vibes – both lighter and heavier moods.

From the very first page, we dive right into the mystery. The protagonist, Island, along with her kidnapper-savior-friend-love-interest (complicated relationship, I know), March, try to figure out the location of a lost, billions-dollar-worth diamond. And then, there’s the mystery of March who is honestly confusing AF. What does he want with Island? Does he even want anything from her? Is he good -is he bad - what's he about??? I have to say that throughout this book, while we are getting bits of clues here and there, predicting the truth about some of the mystery is not that hard - A bit predictable at times, but some things are just plain confusing. Even now, and especially after reading the last page, I’m just like, “Wait. What???” I feel like this is one of those mysteries where the clues are entertaining, but really, you’re not going to get shit until you reach the final destination. I had guesses of what was going on, of course, but really, the only thing that mattered to me was getting the truth. I was confused on the 1st page - and I'm still confused now because while some things are resolved, a lot of things are still left wide open.

Anyway, the plot is fun. Creepy, yes. But also highly entertaining. There are different settings (Paris, Tokyo), lots of guns and running-for-your-life situations, ongoing mysteries, etc.

--Island: She’s rather adorable, somewhat geeky and relatable. She has definitely gone through a lot in the 5 or so days that this book shows. I like that her personality is rather distinctive. Her responses are never bland, and she reacts in a way that makes sense of her personality. I like her. Through all the madness, she has been stronger and calmer than I would ever be. She's an absolute sweetie (but she does have a backbone sometimes too).
--March: His personality is intriguing to learn more about. While we don’t really get to know too much about him (at least not in the 1st book), there is something about this character that makes you crave to know more. He has OCD. He’s a professional killer. He has no problem with killing and torturing, but he kinda has an ethical side. He is so very confusing. I like him as a character, but I don’t think I can say I love his character without finding more about him in the later books.

This is another romance where you have to internally debate if the love interest is crossing a line. March isn't exactly an alpha male. He's not weirdly possessive or acting outrageously out of romantic notions, but he is forceful and never tells the protagonist about anything - I mean he IS a professional killer with an agenda. He manhandles her, especially at the beginning of the book, when he interrogates her. Literally, the 1st scene they have together had me questioning a lot, but, still... I ship it. They’re cute, and I like that he protects her. At least the protagonist is aware of possible Stockholm Syndrome. This is a complicated, intriguing romance.

The romance is obviously there, and it can get a bit cheesy at times. However, it’s also rather slowwww. There aren’t too many developments in this book, which is a bit disappointing. I mean I can appreciate the slow build-up, and how the characters realistically realize the challenges of having a romance between a professional killer and an ordinary girl. It’s not all easy-peasy and rose-colored lenses and shitting rainbows or whatever. I’m curious to see what will happen/develop in their relationship in the next book though.

Final Thoughts
I’m giving this 3.5 stars. I like this a bitttt more than an average book… but I don’t quite love it yet – I wanted a bit more…something. I wanted more romantic developments, to learn more about March, just… more. With that being said, this book is highly entertaining. Confusing because it is a mystery, but I’m intrigued by all of the elements we get to see in this book so far. Overall, I like the characters, I ship the romance, and the plot is fun.

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Aisling Zena Enjoy Sharon! : )

Sharon Aisling Zena wrote: "Enjoy Sharon! : )"

Thank you! I'm a bit more than halfway done, and it has been interestttting. I'm so confused on what's going on in this book. LOL.

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