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The Punishment of Ivy Leavold by Sierra Simone
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it was amazing

Sierra Simone has done it again!! This story with Ivy and Julian blew me away with all that it had. Perfectly heated, full of suspense and mystery, and laced with everything that made what those two share so special. This installment to this series had me LOVING everything that I was getting with these characters. Sierra Simone's phenomenal writing had me in every single word of this story with these characters, and had me loving and feeling every moment with them as they fought to find themselves back to one another. This story and its events certainly weren't easy on Ivy and Julian, and they pushed them both to their limits in more ways than one, but through it all, they were there, fighting and giving it there all, which was nothing short of spectacular.

From the very start of this story I was pulled into the heat and connection these characters share. Along with that Sierra Simone gave us the deeply felt love these two shared. The start of this story finds Ivy and Julian separated from each other because of what Ivy found out about the night Julian's previous wife died. The beginning of this story finds both Julian and Ivy reeling from those events, and struggling on how to make sense of their new normal of being apart. They both still crave and want each other, but Ivy doesn't know if she can be with Julian, and if she should want the things that so truly consume her. Meanwhile, Julian is bound and determined to show the woman he loves that he isn't going anywhere and that they need to be together.

Through every twist and turn filled page of this story, I got it all with Julian and Ivy as they fought for their love, for each other, and for what they had created together. This story definitely puts them both through the wringer, and it pushes them both to their limits, but through it all these two keep trying and fighting for what they know they need, and that had me loving everything I was getting with them. That coupled with the best level of suspense, along with the searing heat and connection they share made for one helluva story that was enrapturing from start to finish.

I think what I loved the most about this part of Ivy and Julian's story is that it allowed them both to realize so much about what they shared together. It made Julian realize how far he was willing to go for Ivy and what they shared. It pushed him to fight and to keep up that fight as much as he could, and it showed him why he needed to share his life with Ivy. Along with that, the events of this book showed Ivy so much about herself, about what she wanted, and about what she couldn't live without. This story showed Ivy so much about her own journey and what Julian meant to her and that journey. Through every page of this story these two felt it all, lived it all, and fought as hard as they could to discover the truth, to trust their feelings, and to ultimately try their hardest to end up in the exact place they both wanted to be.

With the most visceral heat and spark through every page, Sierra Simone pretty much melted my heart and set me on fire with what she gave me with these two. She showed me their hearts and the depth of all that they felt. She showed me how far these two were willing to go for one another. And she showed me the desperate, visceral, and amazingly intense connection they both shared for one another. She lets you feel how these two crave each other, how they need each other, how they have to have one another, and that feeling and that need is everything. It's intense and consuming and on fire in the best way.

This was a phenomenal chapter to experience with Julian and Ivy. It was mesmerizing, it captured so much of what made their story theirs, and it had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it would all work out. The way that Sierra Simone once again created this ethereal and all consuming world that I could get lost in had me loving and basking in every word of this story.

I truly can't recommend this series enough. It is exceptionally written, heated, enjoyable on every page, and it pushes the boundaries in the exact ways you need. It is everything, and I loved every single word of it!!

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