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Omega by Jus Accardo
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Omega was action packed, fast paced and so much fun! And I loved being with these characters again! They felt like a group of friends that I'd known forever. But before I even read the first page, I was a little nervous since this story would be told by different characters. You see, in Infinity we followed Cade and Kori. And in this story we followed Noah, who was Kori's brother from another realm, and Cade's best friend. Plus we followed and finally met Ash. Ash was a constant that always seemed to be in Noah's lives on all of the realms, well except the one he was from. They had this intense sexual chemistry. And he thought that that was all they had. Until he met this realms Ash. Once I started to watch them interact, I realized that I loved having Omega's journey told from Noah and Ash! I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!
His hand grazed my backside and I whirled on him, an even mix of horrified and angry. “Watch it.”
A spark of mischief glinted in his eyes, there and gone in a single beat of my heart before being replaced with steely resignation. “Oh yeah. I got kidnapped and tossed in a mad scientist’s basement just so I could have a shot at touching your ass. Get over yourself and move.”

Since I could talk on and on about this book, here are some of my favorite things about Omega -

✮ A strong chemistry that slowly unfolded into more -
He caught the swing inches from his face, smirking like I’d just whispered all the dirty, dark secrets I had in his ear. “Hit a nerve, did I? Maybe you like rude. Maybe jackass is your kink.”He let go of my fist and leaned a little closer. “Go ahead. Tell me I’m not even the tiniest bit right. Tell me—”
I let out a howl and launched myself at him, but instead of stopping me, this time he allowed me to collide with him, full force. When I pulled away to smack him, he held tight and let out a sound that stirred something white-hot in the pit of my stomach. Secured tight, pressed up against his annoyingly perfect body, I felt him laugh. “See, I’m getting the impression that you like the chainsaw version of me.”
And then he kissed me.

On every other realm that Noah met Ash, they just had a strong chemistry. He would always hook up with her and move on. But in this realm, their relationship was different. Yeah they had chemistry that made them want to touch, kiss and be near one another, but there was more. And watching them see what that more was all about warmed my heart. The friendship they built slowly over time felt real. And the things they ended up doing for one another felt plausible and a natural course of action. But they both fought what was there every step of the way. So their moments together made for some explosive scenes!

✮ Uncovering the truth and seeing the bigger picture -
Helping this Noah and his friends might actually be the key to my freedom. - Ash

This time around, while there was some focus on Dylan, there was SO much more going on. In case you need a refresher, Dylan was Cade's brother who murdered the Kori from Cade and Noah's realm. The focus shifted from hunting Dylan to what was happening with their inter-dimensional travel. I can't say more, but wow! Talk about insanity, morally wrong, yet so intriguing at the same time. It left me excited to see how it will affect the third book!

✮ Fascinating world building -
Body-numbing fear bubbled up in my gut and turned my vision watery. But, despite the near paralyzing terror, I picked myself up and ran. - Ash

I loved how each realm they landed on was different. Whether it was barely noticeable or a stark contrast, I was always intrigued. And the realm we spent the majority of time on, in Omega, crime controlled the land. Al Capone was the President and their tier system was horrific. People's morals were nonexistent in certain situations and it was truly a nightmare world. I was fascinated yet horrified as we saw scientists and high profile people harm others without a second thought. I loved how each realm was so easy to visualize in every aspect!

✮ Inter-dimension travel and multiple of the same characters that was easy to follow -
“There’s never going to be a time for this ,” she said. “Right now? This time ? It’s all we have. It’s all we might ever have…”

While it may sound confusing to talk about, it was all very easy to follow. We meet or hear about multiple of the same characters, yet they all stood out whole, original and easily discernible from one another! The same stands for each dimension! I was never once confused.

✮ I adored the relationships that took place -
We walked a few more feet and I stopped. I didn’t want to venture too far from the motel. “The whole thing is asinine. Why the hell does it even bother me? Why do I care where she ends up?”
Kori smiled , then rose onto her toes and kissed my cheek. “You don’t need me to tell you why. You already know.” - Noah and Kori

While I loved the friendship that Noah and Cade had, and even their interaction with Rabbit (I couldn't help but like that guy!), I was intrigued to see what would happen between Noah and Kori. Noah didn't want to get attached to her, since he saw his realms Kori murdered before his eyes. He loved his sister and felt that getting close to this other Kori could tarnish what he had. But he started to notice how different the two Kori's were. And how much he had in common with this one. So it was fun watching Noah struggle with his inner turmoil towards Kori, especially since he had some tender moments with her.
".....Wait until morning to do anything stupid. Agreed?” I held out my hand to her.
She hesitated, but after a moment, took it and offered a small smile. “Agreed.” - Noah and Ash

I loved the path this story took and I loved that there were some surprise characters that I didn't see coming. Especially the group of characters at the end of the book! The next book is going to be so much fun! I'm happy to say that the ending left me in a perfect holding pattern, and I can't wait to see what happens in the final book!

PS There's a scene that involves Noah saying lines.....oh my gosh, I laughed so hard. It was hilariously awful lol! And it also melted my heart too. I loved seeing Noah's fun, flirty side!

PPS If you read Infinity a while back, there's wonderful reminders about what happened sprinkled throughout the beginning of Omega. It flowed nicely with the story, and as someone who just reread the first book, I didn't feel bogged down or bored. This book was just too much fun for that!

**ARC kindly provided by Entangled Teen via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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