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The Autumn Palace by Ebony McKenna
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Jul 26, 2011

really liked it

With warm wit and believable imagination, Ebony McKenna follows through with her sequel, Ondine: The Autumn Palace.

Ondine and her aunt accompany Hamish, Ondine's sometimes-ferret sometimes-human boyfriend, to the duke's palace where they must discover who wants to assassinate him--and do away with them. Ondine is forced to work first as a laundress (her experience in her parents' pub have made her an expert at removing food and wine stains) then as a female butler to the duke's sister, the Infanta Anathea.

The only problem is the Infanta--along with the duke's wife, the Duchess Kerala, and his son, Lord Vincent--is one of the top three suspects. Ondine fears, however, it will be her heart that is done in, as Hamish takes to his new job with unexpected zest. Will Hamish be able to "ferret" out the truth in time to save the duke and their relationship?

Hamish's Scottish brogue and slang, which Ebony deftly defines with humorously written footnotes, combined with excellent dialogue and lovable characters make her books an extra delight.

If this is your first time to read a fantasy, you've picked the perfect one to enjoy. And if you're already of fan of fantasy that sparkles with romance and wit, the Ondine series is sure to please. You'll find yourself eagerly awaiting the release of the third title.

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