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Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella
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Jul 26, 2011

really liked it

Hopefully you've acquainted yourself with the spending habits (it's a sickness really) and rationalizations of one Becky Bloomwood in Kinsella's series Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. In this 2003 follow-up, Becky is up to her old habits by the 8th page, where she finds a lovely antique trunk for her best friends Suze and Tarquin as their wedding gift. But why not also get an antique cocktail cabinet for her and Luke, a combined total of $800!

Becky's been living in New York with her handsome, successful boyfriend Luke for about a year while she works at Barney's as (you guessed it) a personal shopper. Now engaged, Becky and Luke are getting married in 5 months and Becky's not going to get carried away. Yeah, right! Her mum's very excited about doing the planning herself back in England. However Luke's upper-crust birthmother, Elinor, is causing tension between everyone with her above-it-all attitude. Elinor is hosting an engagement party (well, that's ok), has hired her own wedding planner (without consulting Becky and knowing full-well there's another wedding being planned in England) and has booked The Plaza! You heard me, The Plaza! Plus the little fact that the owner of Becky and Luke's apartment building is selling, forcing them to move. So far, very stressful. Wait, it gets worse (or better, for the reader). One the one hand, obviously, The Plaza. On the other hand, a wedding back home in England with her family and friends, familiar surroundings, her home. And her mum's so into the planning. She's had her house interior re-done! Which wedding will Becky choose? In which country will they exchange their vows? How long will she wait to make a decision? How many dresses will she buy?

Here's a little taste:
"This isn't exactly how I pictured my engagement party would be. First of all the door people try to stop me going in. Then I don't know anybody. Then the only things to eat are low-fat, high-protein cubes of fish and, even then, the wait staff look taken aback when you actually eat them."

At the Bridal Shop:
Cynthia smiles at us and surveys her clipboard. "So we're after something either simple or elaborate, with sleeves or strapless, possibly with beading and/or embroidery and either with a train or without."

"Exactly!" My eye follows hers around the shop. "But you know I'm quite flexible."

"How many have I tried on now?"
"That takes us up to ... thirty-five."
"And how many have I marked so far as possibles?"
"Really?" I look up in surprise. "Which ones didn't I like?"

Sophie Kinsella's books are so well written. Not everyone can write humor. Some characters are outrageous while others you'd be proud to call your friend. I've enjoyed all three Shopaholic books, laughing all the way, and can't wait to read her next series.

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