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Blaze of Glory by Michael Pryor
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May 13, 2017

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So here's the thing: I am EXTREMELY fond of worlds where magic is normal. They are my precious potatoes. And this reminded me a bit of Harry Potter x A Darker Shade of Magic, where you can learn to do different levels of magic and stupid little boys do darker magic than they should AND NEARLY DIE. And it's all very aesthetically pleasing. I LIKE IT. However the actual storyline was waaaay too dry and political for me. So love: characters + world. Not love: the plot. Hahahahah....well. This is awkward.

L I K E S:
• Aubrey is THE BEST. He is like ambitious but awkward but stupid but well meaning.
• He also starts off the book in the very first sentence by being dead. But only mostly dead because he did a spell he wasn't allowed to and it went wrong.
• Bless these magical boys who do things they shouldn't.
• I really liked how Aubrey's condition of being mostly dead was portrayed too: because it was like reading about a character with a mental health issue, or even a disability. Like he was constantly tired and had to not overtax himself and he basically had panic attacks about it and afjdksald AUBREY IS PRECIOUS.
• I also loved George. The dependable kind of Watson friend who is 100% with you on foolish adventures so long as there's food.
• I am George.
• And Carolina gave me LIFE with her opinion on suffragette's when she was like "Obviously I'm a suffragette?!??? Anyone who is a decent person is??!" Like, duh, Aubrey. And Aubrey was like "okay yes I see your point". EXCELLENT. Plus she was an epic shot with a gun and wore dresses and didn't ever spend the book wishing she was a man. Like bless this tome?!??? I'm so impressed.
• World was A+ with all the English-esque feel to the countryside and so much tea and scones and everyone was wearing tweed and BOARDING SCHOOLS and king's and prime ministers. And MAGIC. And SORCERERS. This is so pleasing omg.

D I S L I K E S:
• I actually didn't really know what was going on half the time.
• I was a bit distracted tbh, so THIS IS ON ME TOO. But like also...wut was going on.
• But in chapter two where we literally had pages upon pages of info dump about the rules of magic just lost me. My opinion on info dumps is: no.
• Plus it was intensely political.
• I doooon't caaaaaaare about politics.
• I would've liked to see more emotion in the writing and in the storyline. As was the stakes didn't really seem to emotionally capture me, even with Aubrey being half dead the entire time. It was about as flat as the bread I baked once that turned out to be a starring extra in a documentary about bricks.

ALL IN ALL: definitely a world and characters I enjoyed! Just pity I didn't love their actual plot so much. Or at all. But ya know. Small details. Also immensely pleased this is an Aussie author, because I didn't notice when I picked it up. WOOOOO. MY PEOPLE. Also why is it set in England not Australia????? Why can't Australia have magical societies? Also someone bring me some tea and scones.
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rachel • typed truths I hope to all eternity you love this! Aubrey is witty and reckless and perfect. It's literally my favourite book of ever and no one else has read it so I'm desperate for someone to cry over it with. No pressure, though.

C.G. Drews @Rachel: I added it after your rec!! And my library actually has it!! So hopefully I'll read it soon right?! ;D

rachel • typed truths Hopefully? And by hopefully I mean please for the love of all things holy, go read it and it love it and fangirl with me Cait. But eep, I hope I haven't set to bar too high then... I'm worried but positive!

Kashmira Majumdar Oh my god I totally feel you. Aubrey and George are GREAT (like a nicer version of Artemis Fowl and Butler, and a meaner version of Harry and Ron), but the rest of the book drags even though the pacing is technically nice and steady. (Could be that the first chapter was nothing but Aubrey just running.) The politics and machinations interest me a lot personally, but because of how the rest of the book is, I tune out and skim and GET DISTRACTED for no reason at all.

E.g. I'm only 25% in and the Nicolas Flamel of the book (Tremaine) has just died, which is cool because he was set up from the 5% mark onwards and introduced at the 10% mark, so the pacing is fine in THEORY but everything moves like molasses and I'm so distracted by the world outside my Kindle.

(This got verbose, gdi. Ignore the extraosity.)

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